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Moment of Impact Photos from Roush Jet Crash at Oshkosh

Incredible photos along with audio with OSH controllers. ( More...

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dbaker 0
Wow! That first one is incredible. Thanks for sharing.
Richard Rohrer 0 of all places had some similar photos taken from different angle. This angle doesn't look like 6JR was even lined up with the runway. But photos are deceiving. Waiting to read report on this one.
Chip Hermes 0
Agree, Richard, it's hard to sort out an event from a single angle of photography. However, given the location, there's no doubt that this was a well documented event!
Richard Rohrer 0
Yep!! There is probably some great video lurking somewhere. Obviously angle was enough to make photogs run and not take more photos. Hope both recover quickly.
Toby Sharp 0
John DuPont 0
Not sure but from the audio, it sounded like Premier was unsure as to what tower had requested him to do, or that the approach was a bit fast. Will have to listen to it a couple of times to get where or what the confusion was about. Looking forward to the report and any video or additional photos.
Toby Sharp 0
..........think his age has anything to do with this? or more of a taken for granted situation and not thought out before hand? thoughts gentleman?
N5827P 0
I don't know anything about the details of the crash other than photos and the confusing audio. That said, I think the age comment is ridiculous. Roush had flown out of Oshkosh that same day, and I believe he was the same age then.
MAKPilot718 0
This must have been scary as heck! I hope that no one got hurt.
John Cotton 0
I have to give the photographer a lot of credit for staying put and taking those shots. It's hard to tell how far away he was, but it had to be frightening from anywhere in the proximity.
JOE fields 0
Amazing photos!!!!!!!!
I agree with Mr. Rohrer. We all have come to various conclusions...but let's wait for the formal accident investigation.
Bob Dosser 0
I was there and saw the approach. The bank to final was pretty aggressive and the approach speed seemed slow. He made that approach without flaps, pretty tough to do on 18R in that class of airplane.
Darrin Cox 0
I don't see any flaps deployed. I'm glad no one was seriously hurt. Great pics!!!
racinron 0
Again, great photography. After listening to the audio, I am also confused on what is going on. Jack seems to question the controller who tells him it will work. Hmmmm.
John MacLaren 0
Sounded like 6JR announced and was attempting a go-around. Even it sounds like the controller was issuing a traffic advisory for a go-around when he says "use caution for traffic in the upwind".
John MacLaren 0
Flaps are down in the TMZ photos.
KauaiGolfer 0
I'm sorry those folks got hurt, but the sight of all those camera guys showing a**holes and elbows was pretty funny.
I agree, but to much high performance in a short time frame. Or if you have the bucks! Small jet, single pilot, high performance with improper training. Many more of these incidents / accidents to come.
I agree, but to much high performance in a short time frame. Or if you have the bucks! Small jet, single pilot, high performance with improper training. Many more of these incidents / accidents to come.
Robert Carter 0
Not sure if it has been mentioned but... why no "up" elevator in the pics??? Sorry but if i see dirt ahaead of me then "pull up". Unless in a stall but at that low level??
Robert Carter 0
Too Bad. What a loss! Flight crew and passengers. RIP.
Norman Bessant 0
Great photo's it seems to me Jack better keep his feet on the ground...this is twice that I know of...seems like this is his way to leave the planet for good...speedy full recovery to both..
Roy Ryland 0
No flaps?? Age?? Seems to me that someone omittied the lnding check list. With the pilots relaxed cocpit procedures attitude, how did he expect to survive Oshkosh??
Terry Ehrhardt 0
Tower tapes sounded to me like they were landing a Lake amphibian ahead of him further down the runway at the same time he was landing. Having two or three planes landing at the same time or the same runway is standard at Oshkosh. He was trying to slow his approach, got too slow, stalled and dropped a wing. The rest is in the pictures. He had flown his p-51 earlier same day at Oshkosh, flew home to pick up his jet, and was returning for the second time that day.
Peter Daly 0
Sounded to me as though he may have put himself in a situation which exceeded the allowable cross wind component of the aircraft.
Richard Rohrer 0
I read Oshkosh landed three aircraft on the same runway simultaneously. Amazing given the vast differences in aircraft, pilot skill and any other factors you care to add. Also have heard many of the Oshkosh incidents stem very slower than normal approach. But again, hearsay on my part. I am an enthuiast with no actual flying experience save Flight Simulator.
Just one of the hazards of flying into airshows. Looks like a VMC loss of directional control. VMC changes with conditions and can not be demonstated in ground effect. My prayers are with all.
dbleess 0
"Too Bad. What a loss! Flight crew and passengers. RIP."
What are you talking about?

Last I heard there were two passengers and both walked away from the accident. Roush banged up his head and was a little bloody, but that was it -on site. The problems for him came later. He had a heart attack later and ended up at the Mayo Clinic. His PIC flying days are likely done.
Ken Oden 0
Christopher said: "I agree, but too much high performance in a short time frame. Or if you have the bucks! Small jet, single pilot, high performance with improper training. Many more of these incidents / accidents to come."
Christopher, I disagree. I've been involved with the VLJ Eclipse for three years and we've had an amazing safety record mostly because of the training that's been involved. That and the fact that big buck / low time owners are encouraged to get a safety or mentor pilot to fly with them. A professional in the the "other seat" is cheap insurance indeed. Maybe I'll get Jack's cell #......
Waiting to review FAA and NTSB Report and what I an learn rom this incident.

Al Beckwith
Debra Glines 0
Agree w/John DuPont... appears to be confusion... what is the status of the investigation? How is recovery of pilot and pax? Hoping for the best....
Ken Oden 0
Al, don't know if you've ever waited for the NTSB to get reports out in the past. I was with the airline for 32 years and found preliminary report will be several weeks away. Final NTSB report will me closer to a year in the future.
Ken Oden 0
Al, it's a small point, I'm sure. You refer to Jack Roush's third wreck as an "incident." The FAA considers major airframe damage or destruction as "an accident" and will investigate it that way.
Some previous, "dbleess?" said that Roush had a heart attack after the accident. Can anyone confirm that - hadn't heard?
Ken Heath 0
Very telling photos (well done). I was sitting 100 yards away from the impact on the approach side and had been watching the approach the whole way. My biggest impression was the sound it made when it impacted, sounding like two trash dumpsters being dropped one behind the other and the spooling engines. I'll be interested in reading the NTSB report and match it to what I witnessed.
Richard Rohrer 0
Well, that'll change my mental picture when the garbage truck bangs the dumpster here in the neighborhood!
FlyBoyDC10 0
I was there and saw it also. He just got behind the jet. Tried to do something he shouldn't have.
What happens when you exceed your limitations. The jet flew well.
Ken Oden 0
Can anybody confirm the Roush heart condition?
30flight 0
I thought I heard him questions the length of the field, controller said yes and he said "I don't think so". Gust factor was an additional 5 knots or another 10 more percent ground roll. The Lake was behind him and pressure was up. Will see when the findings are out, but he got behind the aircraft, cross wind, floating, while looking at the end of the runway.
Karl Scribner 0
Here's a strange request, why not wait until the facts are presented?
Ken Oden 0
Karl, I'm old now. By the time the NTSB prints the final results, I'll be really old. <G>
John Radicone 0
That was incredible photo taking. Thanks for sharing.
Steve Murdock 0
Anyone involved with NASCAR and the Roush Enterprises racing teams are fully aware of how fully involved and especially detail oriented Jack Roush is. I, too, await the preliminary NTSB report because I have to agree with another poster that he most likely got behind the airplane after being placed in an awkward position. Having already flown his P-51 in and out of OSH he certainly would be familiar with the 3 on the runway possibilities.
dbleess 0
All I know is that was the word going around the show. I cannot find any verifying reports on the web. I thought I had seen something online the day after but I didn't keep any links.

Seems fairly strange that someone would go to Mayo for some cuts. I doubt he's vain enough to require plastic surgery and Mayo isn't known for that anyhow. The trip to Mayo makes sense for heart problems or other age related problems.

An extensive loss of blood added to his relative age adds to the evidence of some sort of circulatory problem related to the blood loss or clotting and Mayo excels at keeping news private.
Wayne Clarke 0
Ouch! Hope everyone will be OK, must have been scary indeed
donovan moore 0
Sounds to me like the controllers should take part of the blame. Telling him when to make his base turn which would make him have to adjust his final approach speed and then putting him too close to the lake.
Richard Rohrer 0
Back around to needing/having to wait for investigators report, no matter how old we become. May take longer as there appears to be a myriad of witness reports to shuffle through and align.
Adam French 0
Who ever stayed and took these pictures must have been able to run fast to get out the way cuz he was the only 1 there takin pictures befor it got over there to them
Ken Oden 0
Donovan: I doubt you'll see much blame going onto the back of the controllers. Remember, they just give permission to land... or not. The actual decision to land - and how to do it is still with the Captain, or PIC or whoever is in control of the aircraft. If a controller says something like, "tighten up your turn to final," it does not mean to do something unsafe. It is simply a request to limit space between landing aircraft. If it's too tight, simply request another landing runway or tell them "unable." I've been to Oshkosh twice: flew into Chicago and drove the rest in a rental car.
jim garrity 0
Now that the community NTSB has made their comments, do you think maybe his female passenger might have been flying the aircraft? I agree in Jacks response that "I don't think so" thought something was up? The first hospital they took both of them to, was a small one and not a trauma center, so it sounds like from their location and driving time an air ambulance would be proper choice and Mayo could handle the injuries ok.
I'm talking speculatively, of course at this point - as are all of you. But, it appears to me he attempted to power up for a "go around" which would explain the loss of directional control and impact off the centreline. Otherwise he would have stalled the airplane on the ruway with a "hard landing" result. The concern of the spacing is indicated in the tape playback. Just a hunch, but just as relevant as any.
chalet 0
Rousch had a precious aircraft accident see details Is he an accident prone/not quite capable pilot flying high performance planes at difficult airports like OSH.
Ken Oden 0
Mr. George, I curious why you - a licensed pilot - would think that powering up for a go around would cause Jack to loose directional control? As long as the engines didn't spool up asymetrically I think he would benefit from added thrust (if in fact) that is what happened....
smoki 0
Never listened to the tower tape but the photos make it clear that there is a gross misalignment with the runway, essentially 90 degrees to it and in the rear view mirror. The engines appear to be at high power and the elevator deflected nose up. If indeed an approach turn stall was encountered, the recovery was delayed too long resulting in a deep stall and subsequent ground impact. Roush's implied experience level should not have resulted in this unless the reference to cardiac trouble posed by at least one poster was involved. Treatment at the Mayo clinic for lacerations and abrasions does not compute but cardiac treatment does. We can wait for a year and read the NTSB's findings or Mr Roush and his passenger can inform us sooner.
Ken Oden 0
Smoki, I think we're going to have to wait until the NTSB does its thing and prints the findings. I rather doubt that the lady will say anything, nor will the pilot's ego allow him to offer something like, "Well, shucks. I jus'.. plain.. screwed up." Nope, not going to happen. Let's just be happy that Jack lived thru another one........
Ken, You have just stumbled into answering your own question. Read the definition of VMC 9There are 10 conditions)and maybe you will keep swerving into the "posibilities" of the accident. Only Jack can comment as to the cause of the accident - and until he does, I'll just keep opening the can of worms.
Ken Oden 0
Dan; I read the definition(s) of VMC but am not sure what you're getting at. I came across this site Monday AM with some pictures of Jack's airplane in a salvage mode.
Ken ole buddy, Looks to me from the pics and the tower tape Jack attemped a go around and MAYBE lost - or had partial power - from the right engine which led to loss of directional control. Thanks for the stimulating conversation. I'm out.
javaid hameed 0
Amazing photography and sheer nerve of steel to stand put. My salute to the camera guy.
Robert Finlay 0
The National Transportation Safety Board has released a preliminary report providing details about the August 6 crash of a Hawker Beechcraft Premier IA during the EAA AirVenture show in Oshkosh, Wis. According to the NTSB, the Premier, piloted by Roush Fenway Nascar team owner Jack Roush, was recorded on amateur video “in a left base turn to final for Runway 18R. The airplane appeared to overshoot the runway centerline during this turn and then level its wings momentarily before entering a slight right bank simultaneously as the nose of the airplane pitched up.”

The Premier then turned left toward the runway centerline and began a descent. During the descent the airplane's pitch appeared to increase until it entered a right bank and “struck the grass area west of the runway in a nose-down, right-wing-low attitude.” In an August 13 interview published on the Roush Fenway Racing Web site, Roush said that despite loss of sight in his left eye, a broken jaw and compression fracture of his back, he will fly again. In a widely broadcast interview on August 13 at the Michigan Speedway, Roush said, "On a trip arrival into Oshkosh, I was put in conflict with the flight plan of another airplane close to the ground and I was unable to address the conflict and keep the airplane flying. I ground-looped the airplane."

In an ATC tape of the accident, Roush is heard asking the controller, “Is 6JR [Roush’s callsign] going to be okay with this?” He presumably is referring to a Piper on short final ahead of his airplane. The controller responds, “Affirmative.” Seconds before the crash, Roush is heard uttering, “Don’t think so.”.
Really to bad for Mr Roush, Thank God he and his passenger are ok. This could of gone really bad.That was a very nice Premier Jet now it is a $3,000,000.00 pile of junk. I'll take the Flight Deck for a simulator for my Flight Simulator X at home. I know funny Joke MOOSE


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