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Boeing Presents Flight Test 787 Dreamliner to Pima Air & Space Museum

TUCSON, Ariz., April 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Boeing (NYSE: BA), elected and community leaders joined together today to celebrate the permanent display of one of the original 787-8 Dreamliner flight test airplanes at the Pima Air & Space Museum. ( More...

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A nice gesture by Boeing Forsure
But can none of the 6 test planes be used for sale? Seems very wasteful.
robr7510 2
I don't think you want one of those planes. They have been tested way over the structure limits.
I was there a few weeks back and the plane was parked in the prep area. Only staff allowed, but I did get a couple of pictures. I chatted with one of the staff and learned that Boeing is going to do all the display prep and any on going maintenance. He also said that Boeing was going to be placing environmental monitors inside the plane and monitor the environmental effects. Basically Boeing is doing a long term desert bake of the plane. Still doing testing and never really retired from Boeing. It will be neat to get up close, but no inside access. Oh well, I'm happy to be able to see the 787, along with all the other old birds.
James Howard 2
I was walking to lunch when it flew in. It was weird to see an ANA 787 in the sky above Tucson, let alone flying into the Air Force Base instead of Tucson International. If I had known it was coming I would have had my camera ready.


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