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Gaithersburg plane crash

Oh the media ............ "Because of the close proximity of densely populated residential communities abutting the airport, pilots take chances with the lives of people on the ground even more than with their own. Airport management needs to consider the safety of the people on the ground." ( Más...

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Herb Harney 4
what was there first, the airport or the house's??????
preacher1 3
Well, if the GA aircraft don't train there, where do they go; Obviously not DCS or IAD, which is probably where the jets need to go but come here for convenience. The airport was probably there first but the houses and population are now a fact of life. Many communities are moving their airports for the convenience of the pilots. An example is Conway AR(KCWS), going from 4800 ft. to the longest in the state at 12 grand or so. and it won't be that far out of town. It is easy to say the airport was there first but in this case it is pilot against pilot.
paul trubits 1
Gaithersburg used to be out in the middle of nowhere. Now it is a densely populated bedroom community for DC. This battle should have been fought forty years ago. The same thing has happened around IAD and BWI.
preacher1 1
A crash with death of pilot and on ground is what sparked the move at Conway. A new airport had been talked for years but that was the impetus. To boot, with 12 grand, 150' wide, that is overkill but as fast as Conway is growing they are talking about commercial service in order to bypass LIT.
joel wiley 3
Another episode of "I just moved next to an airport: get rid of the airport by my house".

Some info on the incident in commentary by pilot familiar with the airport.
btweston 3
I love this guy's logic:

"GA pilots are poorly trained, therefore they should not practice so much."

What an idiot.
preacher1 2
Idiot is probably being too kind but that is probably the mentality of John Q Public up there. All those "Jet Pilots" just came into their own without training of any kind.
btweston 1
If they would only stop trying to improve their skills...
jwmson 1
'Pilots" like this are trying to destroy GA. The general public, "educated" on aviation by the media, read this misinformation and get scared.


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