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Flight Attendant Forces Child To Urinate In Seat

Stuck on the tarmac, Flight Attendant insists 3-yr-old may not get out of her seat to use bathroom. (I had to double check to make sure that wasn't an article in The Onion.) Can't help but wonder if the little girl had to sit on a wet seat for the duration of the flight AND did they replace the seat later? ( More...

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-SHAME SHAME SHAME idiotic is this to do to a young child!!I'm sure NO ONE on that flight would of had an issue if she was allowed to was not her fault the plane was flippin delayed....THIS FATHER is sick of stories and rudeness from airlines!
Hope the flight attn. looks long and hard into a mirror and realizes how low she stepped that day !...SAD SAD SAD !

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Hear hear!!!!
sic !
This news story reads like an angry, one sided blog. Start with the headline, the airline didn't force anyone to urinate in their seat. The story doesn't say how long the delay on the tarmac was. Was it one minute or seven hours? Since when did it become the flight attendant's job to demonstrate parenting skills to all the actual parents and children on the flight? Parents travelling with children do bare some responsibility to have their kids prepared to fly and that includes going to the bathroom before the flight, preparing for possible delays because they happen all the time and not screaming or running around the plane during flight. It's optional for families to buy plane tickets, nobody forced them to fly JetBlue from New York to Boston. That's not a very long drive and the trains run that same route frequently. For safety and efficiency, pilots can't just hold up all the flights waiting to depart behind them so a child can go potty. If a child can't hold it for 20 minutes they should either wear diapers or not travel on the airlines. If every time a flight were delayed because I had to go to the bathroom, few flights would depart on time. I can't count how many times I've had to go before a flight lands, just to have to run to make a connection then hold it while there's a delay on the ground. This is why I rarely fly commercial anymore. Not because I have to hold my bladder but because there are a bunch of self important A=holes like the mom of this girl who think the world revolves around them. I'd like to see the video of this family going through TSA lines, I bet they held everyone up and this isn't their first time blaming a corporation for their own self caused problems. I have very well mannered children (thanks to good parenting) and they travel frequently and go out to eat with us frequently. Nearly every commercial flight or after a meal out people and flight attendants or waiters come up to us and thank us. People always tell us that when they see us arrive they thing 'Oh no here come a bunch of wild kids to ruin our experience' and they are pleasantly surprised when that doesn't happen. Nearly every time I travel I see a family with a bunch of kids as this sounded like (the story referred to other children with the mom) and the parents are already stressed out when they check in or get to the gate. People need to chill out and talk to their kids about behavior in public and think ahead about things like going to the bathroom. JetBlue caved to save face and stop the negative press but their other passengers are ultimately paying the price.
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Well that was quite an interesting little bit of fiction you wrote. You seem to forget it was a small child involved. I myself have used the airport facilities prior to boarding, and then found I could use them again a short while later. It happens, and a child doesn't have the bladder control of an adult. It's just absolutely marvelous that you and your children are such stellar examples that people are so thrilled when you show up. Most of the population are more normal and sometimes need to use the bathroom on a less strict schedule than you demand. You sound like an inflexible, intolerant and unrealistic individual. Have a little human kindness and forgiveness for a little girl and a difficult situation. The Flight Attendant was wrong! No doubt about it.
FA was at fault.
Plain and simple.


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