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Airlines see 30 year olds as captains....

Airline executives, concerned about an imminent world shortage of pilots, are taking steps that will place younger and less experienced fliers in command of airliners ( More...

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WtfWtf 1
Lol 24000 a year for a FE in 1989 with a fraction of the training costs. Now 125k+ train and 23k a year for a FO after 3 years at another crap Job making under 20k. In 1989 24k would be a little more than 50 now. Shortage ?
benin 1
Northwest airlines....hmmmm.

Is a 30 year old captain really a cause for concern. Hours arn't exactly perfect either. I could have flown 750 hours, but still be a really bad pilot, or only have 10 hours but be a natural and pull off landings that make a captain proud. it's not age or experience that counts, it's skill. (Granted skill is partially developed from age and experience)
preacher1 1
Well, apparently the shortage reasons haven't changed from when this article printed in 1989. Rules have been amended to allow ATP rating/working until 65. Personally, I made Captain at 32 after starting 10 years earlier as FE on a 707 and turned out pretty decent, if I do say so myself. Ain't nothing wrong with a younger man at the controls if he knows what he is doing. One has to remember that every multi thousand hour pilot out there had to start somewhere
Pileits -1
This entire article is hog wash really. Yellow journalism in my view.
oliver lebot 4
haha check out the print date, waaaaaaaay back in 1989........
WithnailANDi 1
Which means we don't have to worry because those pilots are actually 55! 8-)


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