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New Lead in Search for MH370 from a Chinese IL-76 Crew

A Chinese IL-76 crew spotted what is believed to be possible wreckage from MH370. Numerous search assets are en route to the search area as well as a specialized ship with FDR/CVR locator equipment. The area is 75 miles south of where the Australian search efforts were. ( More...

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Non functioning ,apparently, of some vital locational devices on MH 370 have lead to delays in SAR missions.
Now it seems that signals from the black box are being picked up.
How every one wishes if some kind of signals were emitted through out . From systems other than " BB ". Without break.
No amount of precaution can be too much in context of safety.
An interesting development is emerging in India regarding luxury bus travel where installing ' black boxes ' is being contemplated to check the errant bus drivers.

The link

" ... In a move to tame reckless drivers of long haul inter-state buses, government wants to make it mandatory for all such vehicles to have black box, speed controllers and seat belts for passengers ..... "

Same can be true for aircraft flying in a modified way ! Let some lessons be learnt from MH 370 !
linbb 1
Oh yes putting seat belts in busses will work, how are you going to be sure they are used???? Oh yes have a little sign for the driver to see like a car, so he sees it, stops the bus, tries to get the passenger to fasten it. Let me know how that goes, wont work. All of that you post about the busses is just more problems not solutions. Better hiring practices and trip data takes care of that. This is the real world you cannot mandate everything just because you think it might work.
Dear friend, change always entails problems, technological, social and psychological .
Resistance to change is part of human behaviour.
Point I am making is " necessity is the mother of invention " , the centuries old axiom.
Today's news papers in New Delhi,India carried the following report about SAR efforts about MH 370

Kindly imagine, for a moment, if some locational system was beaming signals from the moment go, SAR would have been more effective.
The latest is that the locational beacon of the Black Box is sending signals. And that may render some help. To locate area cluttered with debris !
BUT as I use my non aviator's common sense, this beacon became active AFTER the crash when the data recording in the FDR and the CVR stopped recording. That happened many hours AFTER it disappeared from every radar .
And this beacon starts functioning automatically and can not be made non functional by any tampering.
If that be so, why can a similar beacon not be created for ALL airliners. Not for a limited period or condition, but for the duration of entire flight !
All this will be a matter of top level decisions, and there after the engineers are sure to come up with suitable solutions, some how, no doubt.


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