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5 JFK Airport baggage handlers stole over $27k from outbound mail

Not the brightest criminals in the world. The arrested are accused of stealing cash and checks and depositing them into their personal accounts (again, not the brightest) as well as stealing credit cards to purchase items from airport kiosks (might as well wear a sign). ( Más...

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Pileits 1
When airports hire what are all to often thugs, people with criminal histories or homeless people as baggage smashers at way to many airports what else can you expect?
PhotoFinish 1
They were also videoed stealing from bags in the belly of the aircraft and while taking gate checked bags down the jetway.

And some wonder why others never check their bags. I personally rarely found the baggage service valuable when it was free. I rarely checked bags, even back then. Now that tgere is a charge, I certainly don't see the value proposition for the service.


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