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FAA Not Charging NFL For Super Bowl ATC Costs

Their tax money is better than our tax money. "The FAA has confirmed ... that the NFL will not have to pay for the extra costs of providing air traffic services in the New York area that result from Sunday's Super Bowl game in New Jersey." They confirm extra shifts, overtime, etc., at MULTIPLE airports (all that means extra COST), but they can handle it. But they can't handle EAA AirVenture without charging enormous fees? I can't even type what I'm thinking.... ( Más...

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Ralph Addison 8
Guess they don't know that the NFL does NOT pay Federal Taxes. The law makers have them exempt.
Brad Littlejohn 13
This, unfortunately, is true. The NFL does have tax exempt status (why, I sure as hell don't know, as they are a private company). The only thing I can say is that either that exempt status needs to be taken away faster than Usain Bolt can run, or let other entities like EAA AirVenture apply for and receive that same tax exempt status that the NFL has.
PhotoFinish 4
Tax-exempt status is not so ambiguous. Either it is a profit-making venture owned by a person or entity that profits from the venture; or it is a charitable enterprise that exists exclusively for some educational or charitable purpose.

The NFL may have started with different aims. Their tax status and anti-trust exemption is given by legislation. They wouldn't qualify as a non-profit nowadays with the IRS's strict qualifications for exempt status without the legislative intervention that has benefited all the major sports for the 'public benefit'. Sports helps pacify the (potentially voting) riff-raff.
PhotoFinish 0
If you're referrring to user fees & surcharges on purchased fares and airports fees on charters, NFL employees, players and broadcast/ print media may pay more than most to support airport infrastructure and the FAA.

If you're talking about taxes on players' salaries, two probably pay more than most. (granted that is because they earn more than most)

The extra shifts are a rounding error for the NYC airspace. All the normal aviation activity in one of the world's busiest airspaces continues throughout the time in question. To be fair, AirVenture is overwhelming. It's the only thing going on in an area that never gets that kind of volume at any other time.

No budget can easily accommodate the radical departure from normal to cover AirVenture (especially in an era of ever tightening budgets). Other items like capital expenditures toward NextGen improvements or some number of beaurocrat jobs would have to go unfunded.
HL Dunkle 6
This is totally wrong one event is for millionairs and the other does more to promote general aviation than anything else. The Million dollar Superbowl should support itself not rip off the taxpayers... enough is enough. Shows that the government doesn't care about those that are EAA'ers and do everything they can to keep their cost down. Dunk EAA 39683
PhotoFinish -1
There may be legitimate reasons for the government to help support a bunch of mostly rich guys have a fun week talking planes. Honestly I'd be an easy sell on the value of the event (certainly to the participants). There were not 115 million people tuning in to the events of AirVenture.

I'd be the first to say that each event should pull their own weight with zero contribution from taxpayers or commercial pasenger fees.

Get back to me when AirVenture has half of 115 million constituents, when you want to make the argument that it is more worthy than general aviation.

General aviation is important. Buy it shouldn't be afraid of pulling it's own weight.

You may even try to convince me that fees collected from general aviation should be earmarked for AirVenture. I'd counter that general aviation should be made as affordable as possible. Anyone wanting to have a fun week-long party (no matter how valuable the underlying community) should be willing to pay their way, without claim or recourse to the taxpayer wallet, to the commercial airfare fees, nor an impediment to making every attempt to get general aviation affordable (so no GA fees either).

That said the FAA shouldn't be an incompetent ass in the administration of prividing assistance or not. Any fees demanded for services provided should be made clear long in advance. This way the event can be properly budgeted, and the coats of producing the event be properly passed along to the participants. The private parties/ entity shouldn't be bankrupted by a sudden change in policy just a shirt time before an event.
btweston 4
Sure, I like guys in tights slamming into each other. But the NFL is starting to rub me the wrong way.
zennermd 2
What I don't understand is why we (the aviation community) are letting the FAA get away with this? When are we going to draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough. Have we lost all passion in standing up for what is right and what we believe in?
PhotoFinish 1
I posted the answer gothic question down below.

It begins:

'Some people are mixing up distinct issues.

The FAA is responsible for handling ATC duties, whatever the service level needs to be...'
chalet 1
Millionaire owners of NFL teams force municipalities around the country to build mega stadiums costing gigabillions -coming from taxpayers pockets- so that they can continue enjoying billions of dollars in profits year after year after year.
PhotoFinish 1
It is a shame that communities are picking up the tabs for stadium construction, especially without guarantees to recover the entire investment with profit, prioritized AHEAD of the team's profitability.

If there is not enough profitability to pay BOTH the tax payers and the team owners, then tax payer funds should not be used.

I blame the government officials who give away taxpayers hard-earned money. Don't ever vote for a politician that does that. Don't ever reelect a politician that does that.

The problem is that the politicians are mird worried that they won't be reelected if they lose the sports team to another city.
PhotoFinish 1
Some people are mixing up distinct issues.

The FAA is responsible for handling ATC duties, whatever the service level needs to be.

As far as commercial flights, there were at most several dozen more flights, which in NYC area airspace is a rounding error.

There may have been greater ATC complexity and need for higher service levels because lots of millionaires were flying into NY/NJ in large numbers. All of those flights add to pay service fees. The FAA should've been more than compensated for the necessary service levels. If not, that is an issue of general aviation not paying its' fair share of FAA fees. That should be addressed on a global basis and does not need to be addressed by the NFL. They are not a party to ATC services, neither in providing the ATC services nor in collecting fees. The FAA provides the service. Airlines and FBOs are the ones collecting the fees.

It is easy to hate on millionaires because they're flying in their private jets. They should oat their fair share of ATC costs. If they don't, it is an issue for the FAA to insure that sufficient fees are being collected every day to fund the share of ATC services that private jets use on a daily basis.

While it's fun to hate on the monied folks, this issue is all about the FAA, and has nothing to do with the NFL (except in the paying of passenger fares and charter costs like every other customer).
chalet 1
Ditto baseball, the owners have the entire cake and eat it whole while the (suffering) fans have to cough up fift dollars for a warm beer and cold hot dog and yet the stadiums were paid for by (suffering) taxpayers.
PhotoFinish 1
Complain loudly when politicians contemplate using your taxpayer monies to subsidize private sports teams' stadiums.

Then don't vote for their reelection, if they aren't careful about their fiduciary responsibility to properly manage taxpayer funds.
chalet 1
Although the subsidies to agriculture is not part of this stream let me get this off my chest. Congress deigned to reduce just a few days ago and after a three year hiatus 8dragging a$$es actually) some of these subsidies, to the tune of 9.5 billion of the next ten years. However the total subsidies amount to over a trillion during the same period of time so this was a pittance, just for looking good. A real Tea Party revoluton is the only way to solve these and other monstruosities cooked by rotten politicians in DCA.
There was no extra traffic though, the airports on Sunday were less busier than on a regular day. TEB was dead!!!
aknorris 5
(1) To only consider the air traffic on Sunday would be disingenuous, at best. The extra traffic would have been during the week prior and day or two following the game. (2) I saw more than one story highlighting the traffic impact at Teterboro, including specialized parking requirements and procedures. (3) The article itself cited extra shifts and overtime directly attributable to the event.
All things considered, it is pretty clear there was extra traffic, and an extra cost associated with handling that traffic.
You read the stories, I was there all week. There were extra personnel in place for traffic that never showed up...
Last week was a breeze getting in and out of the NY area, no holding, no EDCT's, etc...
A friend at EWR told me they saw 15 airplanes all week for the Super Bowl...
However, imagine what it would have been like without the TFR in place that entire week. That would definitely answer why TEB and EWR were dead.
btweston -2
Perhaps you didn't read the article...
I did, why???


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