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VIDEO: Student Pilots First Solo

I love videos like these because it reminds us what it was like when we each took to the skies by ourselves for the first time. I love the smile that just creeps across her face as she realizes that she's in the air, by herself, under her own control. Very beautiful. ( More...

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BaronG58 3
How cool is this ! Her smile says it all.
TRPD304 2
I didn't notice, was she flying an airplane? I was distracted by some pink color.....
When I was in flight school, many centuries ago, there was a piece of shirt on the wall commemorating a students first solo. It had the usual information that all the other shirts had with one exception. At the very bottom after type/date/students name/instructors name was the following addtion:
"First solo while hanging on the strut outside of aircraft"

Apparently the student had done a circuit and the engine idle was a little too low and it stalled and quit after landing. He then got out of the airplane and was hand propping it and continued to advance the throttle until it finally started. The aircraft then started rolling forward gained speed went off the runway into a field turned 180 degrees and got airborne after rolling through a ditch. This happening as the student was running after the aircraft grabbed the strut and got a hand on the throttle, powered back and the aircraft did a 3 point with no one on the controls.

I believe this story to be true as this students instructor was my examiner at the same school and he swore it was true and produced several witnesses. He said the kid was so gung ho to fly but was not the sharpest light bulb in the box. He felt sorry for him and after way too many hours decided now or never that day was solo time.


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