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Nashville Crash Highlights Aviation Security Loophole

"NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Tuesday the NTSB officials released its preliminary findings revealing the pilot did not communicate with air traffic controllers or file a flight plan into the United States." With highly publicized Border Patrol "stops" making the rounds, this could be the beginning of even more federal tightening on GA flights. ( Más...

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Bill Babis 6
"it's actually quite easy to fly undetected through the United States," Schiavo said." As it should be! She talks as if that is a problem. It's even easier to drive anywhere but there seems to be no problem there. The government uses "security" as a buzz word to gain more control, but in the end we lose freedoms and actualy become less secure.
Our border is penetrated by a single 172 and it's a security loophole. But thousands cross a certain border everyday, many carrying drugs, many are criminals, some even terrorists. How's all that government security working out there?
vanbess 2
Well stated Wallace24, he flew right through and nobody stopped him for the law abiding it's not an issue but for criminals there is no deterant. We joked about it last week had he survived the crash he would have been slapped on the back for the border crossing
CaptainFreedom 2
Just as most of us suspected. No flight plan. No contact with ATC. Flying stealth. The only way to detect him would be via primary radar.
bentwing60 1
Which they have virtually turned off.
Musketeer1 1
Where again do I bend over to make my country safer? Just tell me how I can make the government proud of me!
You are almost there. Just a little bit farther to Utopia.


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