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In-Flight Entertainment Unit Calls Passenger 'Idiot'

Sorry but this is kind of funny So much for the friendly skies. A passenger aboard an Air India aircraft lodged a complaint recently when her in-flight entertainment unit allegedly insulted her, according to the Times of India. ( More...

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Ric Wernicke 3
Airbus has a cockpit voice announcement that calls out to the pilot "Retard, Retard, Retard."
joel wiley 2
I guess computers ARE getting smarter.
PhotoFinish 1
Might've been an Easter egg coded into system, that is not easily reproducible, but that appeared because of some inane combination of inputs that are beyond the scope of normal usage of an IFE system.

Maybe Er A.K. Has some insight into this situation.
canuck44 2
Seems the system already has exceptional insight.
bentwing60 1
You can't make this stuff up. It shall forever be my goal to be separated by a cockpit door.
If a computer called me an idiot, I would find it humorous. PC is everywhere. Lol


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