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Google's Shiny New $82 Million Airport Terminal In Silicon Valley

A few years ago I taxied past a hangar at San Carlos airport. The door was open to the immaculate interior and I could see an array of jets and aerobatic light aircraft. My instructor said it was Larry Ellison’s private plane collection. Not for nothing is the airport known to IATA as SQL, after Oracle ORCL -0.31%’s database language. From my little Diamond Katana, I looked on in envy. Now Google GOOG +1.29% executives are putting Oracle in the shade, at least when it comes to impressive… ( Más...

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Ric Wernicke 0
Old news. Google even has heated toilet seats with warm water rinse and heated drying. Part of the "paperless" office I guess.
They ain't no happier than you flying your own plane. They don't feel any better about a good crap than anyone else either. LOL


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