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AA, US Airways merge to form world's largest inconvenience

A refreshingly honest look at the merger... (come on, it's just for fun) ( More...

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canuck44 12
Unfortunately it may evolve from being satire to becoming prophetic.
joel wiley 4
as Tom Lehrer said " political satire died when Henry Kissinger won the Nobel Pease Prize for extending the war in Vietnam"
matt jensen 4
The Onion is all about sarcasm and satire
Kent Krizman 4
The CEO who set American Airlines on its initial downslide was a HARVARD EDUCATED MBA. His name, Donald Carty. A complete doofus, who could screw up a kid's lemonade stand and whose intellect is on par with and was nurtured and eminated at the same august institution of higher learning which spawned the editors of, "The Onion".
kathleen Smith 2
he killed Canadian Pacific Airlines before he did his destruction on American.
Why he was hired by American is a big mystery.
Thomas Berman 2
Hey! Leave Harvard alone! It's not the school's fault.
Did you see the Orion Boston article, epic!
Dave Underwood 4
Aeroflot's looking better and better.
Rob Harrison 3
Bravo, bravo, BRAVO!! Like all good satire, it contains more than a grain of truth. I have quit flying commercial completely, even though I make my meager living fixing big airplanes. Car, bugsmasher (little airplane, for you non-pilots), train, even bus, all less of a pain in the you know where.
Loyd Champion 3
Each good airline that has merged or been taken over by the US Airways group has done an excellent job at lowering expectations. To insure their way down that slope to the they merged in America West. With the addition of America West, they became large enough to tackle a larger airline such as American Airlines in their quest to drive air travel to the quality of a train in India.

All is OK however, the Board of Directors and Executives will suck in another pile of cash, and the good people that are the backbone of the airline will mirror the counter workers at your local McDonald's.
Ya, it's funny because it's true.

[This poster has been suspended.]

joel wiley 1
Sorry Phil, can't agree. More like a vampire, one victim ( er, company) at a time. Viri propagate exponentially. Aside from that, agree completely. 8)
Daniel BA 2
One amazing statement form "Americas Finest News Source".
I love it!+1
joel wiley 1
All the news fit to ridicule
kathleen Smith 2
Mr. Carty killed Canadian Pacific Airlines before joining American.
Why is was hired in the first place is very strange
greggielee 1
Mr. Lewis, quoting a CEO out-of-context may be funny to you. A story rewritten as-in my opinion-Useless Fun or better yet, a wet splash of what I call Unfactual Reporting-Hopper Journalism. This story is more suited to The Daily Show or The Colbert Report than a monthly e-newsletter covering the Aviation Industry.

Maybe I'm old-school, but I always believed Journalism should be fact-based, not opinion pieces unless they're in your newspaper or e-newspaper's/e-newspaper's editorial pages or better yet, blogs. Period. . . .
David Stark 1
Old-school does not require one to lack a sense of humor. It was satire, introduced as "for fun." Which clue did you miss?
TWA55 1
Time will tell....and it should not take long
Gregg Wolff 1
Nice. Too funny!
Thomas Berman 1
Ironically, I think that AA has actually improved of late.
James Branch 1
thats not that far off. Good old dougy parker said they are not in the customer satisfaction business
matt jensen 1
No, just another flying toilet
Peter Douglas 1
well, it might be just for fun, but won't they get sued for using his name like that?
Ric Wernicke 4
No. It is satire, and protected speech by the First Amendment and reviewed by the Supreme Court.
JetMech24 2
As proven by Mr. Larry Flynt.
Gene Bathe 1
art will soon imitate life
Well, simply refuse to travel with US Air, now American is on the list. Look what happened to Continental, after the United dumpster merger.

The Onion could have used the term, lives, instead of flights...
s2v8377 0
Typical nonsense!!! American and US Airways haven't even intergraded anything yet and everyone's already judging them. Doug Parker has the confidence of labor and worked for AA during their good times. Give him and the merger a chance.
Nonsense is the horrible comfort level and service quality from US Airways, but people keep buying tickets, so looks like the USA matches China with goods...


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