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"Airforce One, missed approach"

This is something that probably doesn´t happen too often. ( More...

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Andrew Stagg 12
I think CNN made a poor choice of words by calling it an "incident." The FAA defines an incident as “an occurrence involving one or more aircraft in which a hazard or a potential hazard to safety is involved but not classified as an accident due to the degree of injury and/or extent of damage” and gives examples as: Damage to an aircraft (other than an accident); Runway incursion; Pilot deviations (PD); and Near midair collision (NMAC). A missed approach is definitely not an incident.
Foxtrot789 2
Yup, I'd call it an 'occurrence' not an 'incident'. This is something that happens, not something that went wrong.
preacher1 3
I guess it's all semantics but in reading the article it fit the bill pretty good just as far as normal use of the word went. It was the correct word in their speaking of Ann Romney's plane, as the smoke/fire was a hazard. Most folks will use the word incident in the context of an out of the ordinary happening.Just sayin'.
Andy Tyler 4
missed approaches are not out of the ordinary. They happen ALL the time.
preacher1 4
This is true but the bulk of the article was about the smoke/fire on the Romney plane. AF1 and it's primary pax is not your ordinary airplane either. We all understand about missed approaches but the PUBLIC doesn'
Preach on Preacherman!!!
preacher1 2
lol. BTW, I think FA was supposed to get all the jumble up on the comments/replies fixed today. Mine straightened out this morning and I got msg this afternoon that said they had found the rest of the problem and will dump it in tonite, so tomorrow will either be silky smooth or like the UAL
Not ALL the time. I just continue if I see a cow on the runway, bobbing and weaving until touchdung. WX below mins., no big deal, push down a little more...
preacher1 2
They say that Dale Earnhart used to have stuff in the car with him to throw out to get a "CAUTION" whenever he needed one bad! lol
Turbulence with fog and mist? Never experienced that before. I learned that was a stable atmosphere. And this is a 747!
preacher1 0
Hang around awhile; you'll get there. Nice calm and serene, 3-5 miles out and lined up on a real nice straight in and it will hit you and knock you on you a**. How you recover is what makes a pilot from a button pusher.All you can do is to expect the unexpected and hope you haven't got somebody on your close port or starbord lined up for a paralell.
sparkie624 -4
Anytime you have obama, you have Turbulence and Fog... LOL :)
preacher1 1
Somebody had to turn this thread political. I might have known it would have been you.LOL
sparkie624 -2
LOL... Sorry couldn't hold it in any longer... L)
sparkie624 3
Geez... What is the big deal.... A Missed Approach... Who Cares... It happens everyday... Events happen sometime that requires a go around. Pilot made a decision and that is it... This is really not news. I have made missed approaches for one reason or another... Just because it is obama... Give me a break.... I think if I was the controller, I would have vectored him to another airport.... :)
preacher1 1
Well, you might have wanted too but I bet it would have been hell to pay if you
sparkie624 0
Very True.
Rene Salazar 1
Yes, I´ve been in several myself, but my comment was more towards this is an AF1 missed approach. Again, I don´t remember reading any other instances of a presidential plane having a missed approach. Slow news day? Sure. Does it happen often to the AF1? I don´t know, since they really don´t talk about it.
sparkie624 2
When you have weather, turbulence, and what ever else.... Pilot has a split second to make a decision... If it is the wrong one, then we may have to call the NTSB... If he did not make a missed approach we may see different headlines such as "AIRFORCE ONE CRASHED, ALL DEAD, JOE BIDEN IS PRESIDENT" and I would not want to see that....
Tim Lamborn 2
Slow news day? This just in, bugs hit planes windshield, mass carnahe
Andy Tyler 2
Not even a big deal, so many flights miss approaches and do go-arounds everyday, its pretty common.
must be a slow day at the news office.
dbaker 1
Happened at KEFD a few months ago....pretty routine.
Are these pilots not, supoose to be "the best" the Air Force has to offer up, for Air Force One ? beWould be an interesting conversation with The President .. "Yes sir, I blew it". Ok, maybe it was the plan for a fly by photo op of AF1 .. Who knows
stoneyend 8
I would guess that a good or "best" pilot would take the missed approach and make a new attempt if the wx was dicey or there was a situation they did not like. It's the cowboy pilot who would make the landing anyway and possibly endanger those around him / her.
preacher1 1
Well, as has been said, a missed approach is really no big deal, even on AF1 and supposedly the best. While the field was in sight, wx was playing around a little, and at that point and time something happened that the pilot didn't like, so erring on the side of caution, he went around. Other than a momentary delay, wasn't a big deal.
preacher1 1
Now, let's see what else exciting is going to happen?
Michelle's plane had to do a go round here a few months back at Andrews;
AF1 now has a missed approach;
Ann Romney's plane had a little electrical spat and Mitt wants the windows to open.

Damn, my heart just can't stand all this excitement. We still have about 40 days before the election. I wonder what other earthshking news is going to happen??????????????
jmssuperman 1
Another aircraft doing a missed approach? That's riveting news.
btweston 1
Hey! Everybody! Look over there! Nothing actually happened!
art thompson 0
Was O Bro driving..he's a wasted approach..
sparkie624 0
LOL, He's wasted.... But I do not believe it was an approach...
Tim Lamborn 0
Rene Salazar 0
I really think these pilots are supposed to be the best in the world in order to fly AF1, I mean, They should be able to handle the plane in the most adverse circumstances. Also, if this happens often, They don't mention this in the news much. That's why I wrote that this is something that you don't see every day.
joel wiley 2
It may just have been a fortuitous intersection of
a. slow news day
b. anything election related is newsworthy
c. inclusion of the Romney diversion
d. Air Force One.

'Missed Approach' is a well-recognized term to the FA community.
Among the general population, 'Missed Approach' might include augering in short of the field.


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