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FlightAware receives recognition as the 3rd Best Travel App

A research study conducted by found the Ten Must-Have Travel Apps, and FlightAware was ranked as the 3rd best Travel App. See the ranked list in a nicely wrapped Infographic here: ( Más...

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Scott Keller 22
Honestly, I'm not quite sure how 1 or 2 ranked above Flightware. This app just keeps getting better. Thanks for putting all the energy and effort into its development.
Jeffrey Babey 4
I'm with Scott, Flightaware is the best. I love the moving planes.
Chuck Me 2
It's a great app and like you said - it's constantly getting better. It's nice to see the constant effort put in to not only the app but the site.

Keep up the good work FA!
Nicholas Langley 9
I love the flight aware app, I think it's better than the other tracking/travel apps. With me working as a gate agent for American Airlines this app saves me a lot of the time because I can see where my planes are and how much longer I have until they arrive. It's normally 100% accurate. Sometimes my computer reservation system shows my inbound planes coming in way later than what flight aware states, and 90% of the time flight aware is right on it and it comes in before my res system states.
anthony delmonaco 10
I recently was flying to Florida and the woman next to me was worried about missing her connection in Atlanta. As soon as we touched down I had my phone out checking the flight alerts I had set up and asked her flight number, told her the terminal and gate we were arriving at and where her flight was departing at. She couldn't believe it and went and downloaded it on her iPhone. Beats having to pry a gate attendant for info or try to find a monitor with flight schedules. Great work FlightAware.
David Sims 5
Only third? How dare they!
Good stuff! Sit or Squat has really helped when the brown dogs start barking at the back door.
Brian Prince 4
some useful apps mentioned here - postagram and sitorsquat in particular will be put to use during my summer travels - as well as Flight Aware of course!
Brian Bishop 4
Congrats to D.B. and all the staff. Great work.
skylloyd 3
The apps listed might be of use to many, FA is the best for aviation updates, been using FA for many years, keep up the good work.
KC Hoover 3
I found FlightAware in 2010 and finally joined in 2011. I love everything about this site. Keep up the good work. I love the moving planes too!
Ben Dover 2
Nice infographic. I really like.
Shandy King 2
I like the fact it does not list the same-ol apps!
Wayne Johnson 1
Can not do some stuff that pc app does like live flight tracker not as good, looking up aircraft info not easy. Using this app for over 6 years and on pc it kicks butt.
Donald Hartsock 1
I think it should be #1....a very helpful flight tracker
jim garrity 1
Geoff, look at the article, I never heard of "" before and tried it today! Somewhat confusing,most of their activity is in Europe!
Wayne Johnson 1
I wished it did more like PC app does with the live aircraft feature.
Linda L. McKenna 1
I just put it on my phone! I love FlightAware, it's so helpful, and I have no doubt this app will only make it that much more so. Thank you FlightAware!
The third no wey, Flightaware is the first!!!!
chris allen 1
Pilot or occasional white-knuckler, FlightAware is a really useful and reliable app
jim garrity 1
F/A is #1 in my book!
sparkie624 1
3rd best... LOL, should have been number 1.
rsmath 1
travel apps must really be bad! FA Iphone app sucks ***, the desktop/laptop FA site is top notch!

That's why on my iphone I launch the internet browser and do FA from there (works about half-way, but it's better than using the iphone app for how I like to use FA).
Richard Harrell 1
I have tried others, and this site/app is by far the best, coming from a very frequent commercial flyer. I recommend it to anyone who wants to know flight status -- colleagues, random passengers that are concerned about connections, family, etc. Keep up the great work, and I'll keep coming back!
Julius Thompson 1
I have the FlightAware app, I find it is really good, also, another good one worth getting the app for, is
geoff devery 1
Who is 1st and 2nd
Roger Frith 0
I think Flight Aware is far better than the top 2 one of which I've never heard of!!!
Used the app yesterday when collecting from Heathrow
Great help!!


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