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New FlightAware maps -- zoom, pan, and new layers to select!

On the verge of FlightAware's four year launch anniversary, we've just released our latest flight tracking maps that include a variety of new features including zooming, panning, as well as configurable layers such as weather, major airports, etc. ( Más...

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mayday319 0
ya i noticed its REALLY cool!
Corey Sheldon 0
toke some getting used to with a touchpad notebook mouse but much appreciated...keep it up gang
Eddie Ragasa 0
What about an App for the iPhone that can do what you can do on the website. That would be cool.
Coby 0
Very cool! This is something I'd been wishing the site had!
nbukrey 0
Love the new feature...i have always wanted to be able to zoom into the map.
flyhartf15 0
I'd agree medic2442 I think that would be a great idea. I was thinking the same thing
leeharrison 0
Kudos! This is another great advantage of FlightAware.
leeharrison 0
Oh yes, and the iPhone app would be tops!


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