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Southwest Founder Herb Kelleher To Receive Cabot Award

The coveted Godfrey L. Cabot Award will be presented to Herbert D. (Herb) Kelleher (pictured), founder and chairman emeritus of Southwest Airlines at the Harvard Club, Boston, MA, Friday June 8, 2012. Kelleher will receive the award for his dynamic leadership and creative innovation in making Southwest the 5th largest airline in the United States. ( Más...

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richard weiss 3
Herb Kelleher is the most effective and charismatic leader the Airline industry has ever known. By shear force of will and determination Herb changed the way we fly thoughout the world. All past and present employees owe him an unpayable debt of gratitute, for enriching our lives, and making it fun to come to work. I am proud to have known him. Thank you, Herb, and congratulations.
sparkie624 1
"most effective and charismatic leader the Airline industry has ever known." is a statement I would agree with, but some of the employee interactions that he supports is wrong, and having worked there, I will never go back. Worse than Boot Camp.
richard weiss 2
Sparkie, not everyone fits into every organization. I'm living proof of that. I am glad we had the opportunity to fellow employees, and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
Way to go HERB!!!!!
Fritz Steiner 2
No doubt about it, Herb is a genius
james nyerges 2
Oh YEA, I remember when he took the fledgling airlin over from Lamar,we gave him 6 months. Their departure lounge in Midland was a trailer, with the wheels still on there. We used to say thats so the Repo guy can haul it off that much easier. Well look at it now. Well done. My hat off to you. A well deserved Award. God Speed.
Carl Staib 2
As an outsider looking in: What does Herb Kelleher and Steve Jobs have in common? A vision. Two totally unrelated businesses built doing it their way. That's what I call leadership. Everyone wins. Congratulations Herb. It has had to have been a very good hard ride but you got out of it what you put onto it.
No doubts about it, turned "nut ideas" into success for taking the airline industry to unimaginable level!


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