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iPhone Explodes mid flight

An iPhone 4 blew up on an Australian airliner. ( Más...

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Bogush 0
bet half the components were made in china
alistairm 0
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, everything CrApple is made in China. On the iPhone itself, it says "fabricated in China. Designed in California". Where have you been?
Mike Davis 0
" the midst of landing..."

I know RF shielding on commercial aircraft is probably adequate to protect RNAV systems from interference from even the poorest electronic devices, but why didn't someone shove this iPhone down that passenger's throat when (s)he was using it when the plane was on approach? I don't think it's reasonable to assume the phone was "off" if the battery overheated.
Damage or defects to a lithium battery can lead to cumbustion. Does not matter if the device is powered on or not - The battery itself is always "on". And for the record, I have personally experienced radio communication interference from a passenger cell phone being powered on during flight.
Mike Davis 0
Strange that the device should simply decide to self-destruct after hours/days of existence. I suppose it's possible, but highly suspicious if it was tucked away in a purse or pocket and not being used. What now? Ban all lithium-powered devices from commercial aircraft?
Scott Campbell 0
This same issue has cropped up with laptop batteries over the last couple years. If it continues, some sort of restriction is probably not out of the question. Usually the overheat happens after damage or defective charger overcharging. I suppose dropping your phone just the right way could start the melt down process - But that's just a guess.


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