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Panetta gets VIP flights at coach cost Weekly commute can run $30,000

Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta commutes home to Monterey, Calif., nearly every weekend on a government jet and reimburses just a fraction of the cost to taxpayers — an arrangement that is coming under scrutiny during Washington’s tough budget times. Mr. Panetta must reimburse the government for personal travel at the cost of an equivalent commercial coach ticket even though the actual cost of the travel is much higher — $3,200 a flight hour, according the Defense Department. Each round trip… ( Más...

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Daniel Baker 0
It would be a miracle if the cost really was only $3,200/hr.
eric dufay 0
Exactly. He is flying in a Gulfstream V. This is more like 5,500-6000K an hour to operate.
canuck44 0
At least it is not a 757 like Princess Pelosi used most weekends to fly to San Francisco.

This is the ultimate in the entitlement mentality. What is so special about this political hack that the taxpayer should shuttle him back and forth to his business interests in California and the people's business in DC? There are lots of folks on this site that deadhead back and forth, but they are not asking the other passengers to pay for them and all run the risk of not finding a seat to get home.

Daniel is right...that would be operating cost only, not capital and/or depreciation.
richard weiss 0
We have a privileged class in Washington. We work, pay taxes until we bleed, to support their lifestyle. Mr. Panetta, if you want to work in Washington, I like to suggest you move your family there, or quit. You are not a congressman that represents your home district. As part of the executive branch you represent all of America in Washington. As much as I hate to admit it, Nancy (the inside trader)Pelosi had more right to this behavior than Panetta. But hey, maybe they can plane pool.
canuck44 0
Richard, unfortunately "inside trader" is not a distinguishing appellation for any individual Congressman, Congresswoman or beast nor does it distinguish one by Party affiliation as the corruption is universal.

Stretch will on the other hand do nicely.

Work hard, fly well...there are a lot people depending on your taxes.
richard weiss 0
John, to some degree I agree. The difference lies in the fact Princess Pelosi ran on the ridgeline extolling the virtues of her party, while doing worse than the Wall Street crowd ever did. The guys on Wall Street didn't get elected,and swear to protect and defend the constitution of The United States. When Wall streeters are caught, they go to jail and have their wealth stripped. If a Congressman does it, it's legal because they passed a law that says it is, but only for them. Lib/ con, dem/rep. Doesn't matter. They are using us.


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