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50 pound slab of blue ice falls off Air Force One narrowly missing “Occupy Las Vegas” protesters

A group of several dozen “Occupy Las Vegas” protesters camping on Clark County land located under the final approach to Runway 19 at McCarran International Airport today narrowly missed being injured when a 50 lb. slab of “blue ice” reportedly landed within feet of their tents....Too easy so will pass on comment. ( More...

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Ryan Viveiros 1
I am in total agreement with Indy2001. These airplane are thoroughly inspected after each mission and are the most well maintained aircraft, possibly in the world. And with several dozen people there, We are supposed to believe that no one had a camera and took a picture of this 50 pound ice chunk? I think I am going to have to call BS on this story.
Matt Comerford 1
Ryan, let the crazies on here believe it... it's more funny for us :)
Stonesurfer 1
Yeah, it has to be bravo sierra. No other sources either.
linbb 1
Gee all that remained was some kind of smelly brown stuff,did they taste it or take a dna sample of it to see if it matched anyone on the aircraft? And by the way did the BAMA spend any of our money on the slots down there? Might just as well have as he did it with our tax money give away to stimulate us.
canuck44 1
I posted this as satire seven years ago and now it suddenly reappears. Strange.
Pete Schecter 1
maybe that makes your contribution timeless!
indy2001 1
Sorry, I'm not buying this. Considering how carefully both presidential aircraft are maintained, I don't believe anything like this could possibly happen. And if it somehow did, every new organization would be talking about it, which I haven't seen at all.
Pete Schecter 1
perhas the word "SATIRE" in the lead may heve been a clue? Please read carefully, the reputation you save may be your own.
Matt Comerford 0
indy2001, Duh! Look around on the linked website! Total neocon tabloid.
indy2001 0
So what's your problem with my post? That was exactly the point I was trying to make!
toolguy105 0
I agree; that plane is showroom fresh every time it leaves Andrews AFB. While it is possible it would develop a leak I think it would be a newsworthy item for the Friday new Trash day, which it wasn't.
richard weiss 0
With all the news media absorbing every word of Nobama's sh!t, the lav system was simply overwhelmed. The holy sh!t fell to the ground as gift to we mere 99ers.
s2v8377 0
I agree with you blue ice following off of Air Force One sounds like BS to me. Those aircraft are the best maintained B747's in the world. They don't fail or develop leaks. If this plane had even the smallest issue, I have a hard time believing it would have even left the hanger at Andrews.
DanWardlaw 1
Mythbusters proved it could be happen... It happened in YYC when ice fell off the wing on the approach to 34 went through a house roof.
Tom Kearney 1
It's blue ice to you, but Royal Jelly to his admirers. "Show us a sign, oh chosen one!!"
canuck44 2
We are being too should be perfectly clear that if any of this was actually from Dear Leader's colon there would be DNA traces of David Gregory and Chris Matthews.
richard weiss 0
Spoken as only a surgeon could. Nice one, John.
Matt Comerford 0
kind of like how ignorance is the royal jelly to the teabaggers!
Sunny9850 0
richard weiss 1
If he truely is the annoited one, this may be holy sh!t!!!!
canuck44 1
LOL Richard....maybe they are trying to tell us his shit doesn't stink which is why they couldn't find anything of substance is the blue rain.
Sheila Terrell 0
You guys are too funny! Thanks for the belly laugh!
cheefpilot 0
I guess Obama is sh!tting on America in more ways than one
Alan Wilson 0
Your comment just reminded me of the youtube hit chocolate rain. Maybe it could be the sound track for this article.
Ron Shelton 0
Now the occupiers really feel like peons.
Tim Hopper 0
To quote Ed Sabol; founder of NFL Films & Member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame... "You can't soar like an eagle, and crap like a canary!"
Ha. It's a shame it wasn't on take off so it was still in it's liquid form and "crop dusted" the hole group of them.
Michael Yockey 0
OT: Here's a tip to anyone running a website. If you display popup ads for merely mousing-over a word in an article, I will blackhole your site. I never want to visit ever again...
Who cares what sites you blackhole?? This article has NOTHING, whatsoever, to do with use of popup ads. Quit your whining!
Ben Lillie 0
Yes, it is VERY annoying.
mzk49o1 0
You could always run Firefox with AdBlocker Plus and never have to deal with pop-ups again.
2point0 0
Sounds like a load of crap to me... (Couldn't resist that). The evidence had conveniently melted before officials could witness it? C'mon...
guy lever -1
stupid story...what news value is there?
canuck44 -1
Absolutely no news value whatsoever, but some humor and levity, which, had it hit the "Occupiers", would have transitioned to "feel good" status.
guy lever 0
hahahahaha...John thanks for making me laugh this afternoon!
Jonathan Cain -2
too bad it didnt hit any of them..
Stephen Brown -1
Oh so right!!
Bryan McKee 0
That is great and all but they landed on the 25's not the 19's.
Troy Raiteri 0
Haha! That's funny just that if the ice just moved to their tents just a little bit closer!
JD345 0
I guess they're right when they say the top 1% is crapping on everybody else.
Protoavis 0
So Dems dump on their own as with Blue States...too funny.
Joe Casey 0
I'll bet those guys were. "pissed"!
Drew Eliott 0
I wonder if they used a Norden bomb sight?
Talk about a politician dumping on the people!
Wayne Fox 0
Talking about a President "shittiing" on his constituents!
If there was nothing left..... how did they know is was 50 lbs. I mean come on, no one in the group had a camera or a cell phone to take a picture of the event!!!!
A good campain deposite for that group.
elroar 0
Missed?! Oh well, they will have to swing around for another pass... ;-)
Walter Windus 0
You guys missed the real headlines on this article. "Obama craps and pisses on the Las Vegas Tea Party".
Walter Windus 0
Change that to read "Obama craps and pisses on the Occupy Las Vegas group".
PJ Glassey 0
I agree with 2point0. It's a made up story by the protestors to get more press and feed their victim mentality.
PJ Glassey 0
I agree with 2point0. I think it's a made up story by the protestors to get more press and validate their victim mentality.
john rytkonen 0
the Dems almost get the Demos. They should be honored.
Now they can order a solar powered toilet.... and won't have those dangerous chemicals.
Oh, the irony...
Duane Steiner 0
They probably had trouble telling which brown smelly mess it was.
ATCguy1 0
Haha..nice! Great story..thanks for the post.
"...leaving only a smelly brown residue". Oh that begs for a comment.
Marc Renaud 0
To let anyone stand in front of a landing aircraft is the stupidest airport management decision. Yes I know the bozos who do plane spotting there are also to blame.

It may be really cool to have a giant aircraft leaving some rubber on the top of your head like in St-Marteens ( Princess Juliana Airport ) but still it is very dangerous and I think might be a distraction for the pilots.

Well that is my opinion.
Ronald Lee 0
Well, I don't think the pilots are watching the tourists!
Ronald Lee 0
God, I'm always amazed at the Hugh amount of idiots out there.
Ryan Morse 0
So, they literally just got shit on by Obama??
Paul Fisher 0
BS Air Force One landed on 25R at a few minutes before 12. I was there.
Paul Fisher 0
Air Force One landed on 25R . I was there. Cool story though
ken young 0
First Sh!tt*r, out of order?
This is funny, not for AFOne's maintenance staff. But to get a chance to poke around White House poo, the press would have loved it
Jim Elswick 0
Not sure I buy it's accuracy, but if so, that's very funny!
Tom Kearney 0
Now we have the evidence to conclusively prove that the President lacks piss and vinegar.
Pete Sawyer 0
For an aircraft toilette to leak requires two failures as shown on Mythbusters Granted the aircraft in the video is not a 747 but they all use a similar system. One thing that can be counted on is that the system on Air Force One is the best maintained aircraft in the world.

Not only was it irresponsible to report an obvious fabrication it was equally irresponsible to propagate the fabrication.
firesafety552 0
if the stuff had hit them, would they be known as sh!t heads...some funny.....
canuck44 0
This story was posted for a little mirth whether veracious or not; we will likely never know. The posting was instructive though and the comments became more hilarious than the visual concept generated by reading it while visualizing blue and textured rain on the non-productive at the end of the runway.

The Tail Hookers all basically thought it was funny and it gave them an opportunity to express the black humor found in ERs, police departments, cockpits (when the old guys are there), operating rooms and the like. (Am I allowed to use that term?) They really didn't care whether it was true or not. Sheila can be an honorary Tail Hooker.

Some were enraged at the quality of the journalism, admittedly if any, although it was reported by the LV Sun, too. George threatened to leave the site. I wonder if he and Matt read the NY Times and the Washington Post or watch MSNBC?

Others leaped to the defense of the Air Force assuming that this was mechanically impossible on such a stellar aircraft. A few naturally seemed to be truly insulted they were not included with David Gregory and Chris Tingles Matthews and set out to prove their DNA should be enshrined with that of Obama and Mooch as well. Much of that was as every bit as funny as the black humor.

Thanx for the entertainment all...left and right.
Peter Creary 0
All that everyone on this post has said is based on a false statement. AF1 landed on 25L not 19. I live in Vegas and watched the approach to 25. Yes you have to smile just reading the comments and I'm sure this story will be an urban legend.Once again the press gets the facts completely wrong. Yes I do enjoy the humor.
Matt LaMay 0
I was gonna say...AF1 has always landed on 25L. At least during my 3 year tenure at KLAS.
Matt LaMay 0
I don't buy it. First off, I'm sure that the ground crew of Air Force 1 know how to properly service the lavatories...and if the lavatories are serviced correctly, there will be no blue ice. Secondly, it is impossible for there to be human waste mixed in with the blue ice because of the way it is serviced and sealed. Blue ice forms when the ground crew fills the blue juice tank and disconnects the hose prior to to the excess completely draining out. Lastly, a 50lb chunk (if you could even get a chunk that big) would have fallen long before they were on final...perhaps one of the protester defecated on the pavement, and they decided to get some attention from it.

Just my 2 cents
dbaker 0
Good insights. Wish I could upvote this comment.
Rafael E Reyes 0
Yeaaah ! I couldn't imagine the protesters with arms up and singing "Toto's" song " Africa" an saying : " I bless the rains down in Nevada " . But , no way ! sh!t happens !HA,ha,ha,ha,ha. Nice story , make me laugh.
This is when you need to dismiss the logic and just enjoy the premise of the story.
TonyRC 0
Pete Court 0
This Blue Ice Myth has already been busted. (See Myth Busters)The number of valve failures that has to happen is unlikely at best. For an aircraft like Air Force One to have that many failures you have to be kidding and gullible if you believe this crap. I like most of what I read here but this does not belong here.
What a bunch of CRAP....AirForce One, never came close to flying over this area. Landed on Rnwy 25 coming in from the East and took off going West Bound. Site of sit in is downtown, not in flight pattern and no where close.
Mike Thiel 0
I must say, it's too bad it missed all those idiots!
Joe Horton 0
Reminds me of the one about a guy in a car stopped a red light. Bunch of protesters pull up next to him, loud, threatening, insulting America and Israel--you know the type. Suddenly, from nowhere, an 18-wheeler plows into them. Kills every one in the car, just like that. Guy thinks, wow. That could have been me. Then he goes out takes lessons in driving 18-wheelers.

ba-dum, bum....
Stonesurfer 0
Little known fact: Air Force One airframes also have counter- protester defensive measures.
Jeffrey Babey 0
This story makes me smile. Evil smile of course ;)
joe milazzo 0
Dried-up Blue Juice leaves a blue residue!!!!
Nothing gives me a warmer fuzzy then some disguntal protesters sitting out underneath final!
KauaiGolfer 0
I don't believe this for a second. I've seen firsthand how meticulously maintained these 747's are. There's no way in hell a dripping lav is going to be missed on this airplane!
Ray Coleman 0
Maybe the pilots of Air Force One are conservatives and took this opportunity to practice their "flour drop" on a suitable can only Hope!
Matt Comerford 0
i'm pretty sure the pilots of AF1 are smart enough to not bring petty politics into their office.
Sunny9850 0
Well put.
ToddBaldwin3 0
I worked on the systems integration for that aircraft. I don't remember us installing a bombing system. I wonder what his CEP was for that drop?
Frank DeLeon 0
Pilot needs more bombing accuracy training.
Ray Coleman 0
What is a CEP?
steven meyer 0
That's rather apropo, crap from the sky almost hitting people spewing crap.
kldfligtrrt 0
sounds like a sign to me.
I love it....Just because it's Air Force One does not mean they can(or will) clean up the stuff on the plane...maybe if it had the bomb site from WWII they might have made a direct it....
chalet 0
I was told by very reliable sources that indeed blue ice slabs wre surretitiously were planted on the wings by... who else, GOP candidate Rick Perry (LOL!)
richard weiss 0
Are you sure it wasn't Bush's falt?
chalet 0
Actually Richard it was Cheney's idea who ordered Dumbya to do it but he took so long that Rickie Perrie was tasked carry on with it(LOL)
What can I add? Better luck next time maybe? The irony would have been great. For those wondering what the "news value" of this story is, go grab another mocha, kick your sandals off and just enjoy it.
Peter Creary 0
AF1 landed on 25L!!
David Ratte 0
I guess that's the 0.1% showing the 99s what he thinks ;)
tcavin 0
how appropriate that even the president's plane took a dump on the protesters....
Ralph Wigzell 0
What were they doing on the flight to generate all that blue ice?
doug bell 0
Teach them not to stand on realestate that is for the people who love avation and all things that fly!!!!!!
Mark Panitz 0
how do they know it came from af 1? there are over 1,000 plane landing
in las vegas not juts AF 1!
toolguy105 0
For one thing there is a 20 mile separation between AF 1 and all other traffic. Normal separation is 3 to 5 miles.
Andrew Herman 0
Plus, there is a traffic stop at any and all airports when AF1 is taking off or landing, from about 15 minutes prior to about 15 minutes after. It varies depending on how quickly they move Eagle from A/C to motorcade and back again after his visit.
Josh Simmons 0
If there ever was a metaphor.....
HBFlyer 0
What a BS politically motives story. Canada Free Press... Hahaha... What a joke!
Actually it's only 10 miles inside class B. Sorry.
Andrew Herman 0
2 things, 1.) They need to improve their aim, 2.) There's a lot more crap on that A/C that could be ejected and people would complain/rejoice, depends on your views.
It would have been news if it had hit someone and caused damage. Since it did not, it is just a "be careful in future" to those who want to keep loitering in land located in the final approach of any runway.
John Belcher 0
Obama misses again,darn!!!
Tim Gaffron 0
Don't believe evreything you read...
diktabu 0
Seems the White House displayed their "True Colors" to the Occupy protesters. . .
George Horn 0
If THIS is the sort of "story" and if the crude remaarks left by "readers" are any indication of the intelligence and sophistication level of FlightAware ...then UN-subscribe me!
George - There are a few surgeons in this thread. I recommend you contact one quickly and have a sense of humor transplant.
Alan Cluff 0
George, your response made it even funnier!!! Awesome!
Bye George, see ya, wouldn't want to be ya, by George!
Marquis Witt 0
Something will be made of that politically.
Alan Cluff 0
I don't even care if this isn't true... too funny to not have fun with.
Sounds like the bombadier needs to adjust his sights
Obviously there were no Navy Seals on board, they don't miss their targets....oh, wait a minute, that was the annointed one's constituents down there. Must have been a right wing mole on the plane that did it. come on Indy2001, what news org other than Fox reports the truth about Obama or covers anything negative?
"George" Seeing that you read the article and all of the comments and we still are not sophisticated enough for you might I suggest you go and read the huffington post?


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