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40 and Fabulous!

Southwest Airlines will be celebrating 40 years on June 18, 2011. Check out their blog for some amazing, interesting, and down right funny stories from their staff and customers... Looking back on 40 years, and many more to come. Happy Early Birthday Southwest! ( Más...

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mark tufts 0
good to read he history of southwest airlines. i flew on southwest airlines twice and the flight attendents do the best jobs of making people feel confrontable and relaxed
preacher1 0
To say that herb had a good idea or vision is an understatement. If more Airlines would take their cue these days from "Herb's Way", there might not be as much red ink flowing around as their is. Turn time/utilization and just the "want to/can do" attitude of the employees are 2 key lessons other Airlines ought to look at, not in envy or jealousy, but to see what they have to do to get there. I can remember getting off a plane at LIT and by the time I would get to my car, could look and see the same plane I came in on airborne again.I can remember multiple cancellations at Dallas going to Lubbock, due to a weather problem out there. Finally off the ground and headed that way, Pilot had said we might have to turn around because things were still kinda crappy.Sitting there sipping a cold one and about 1/2 through, the FA starts running down the aisle with a gigantic trash bag and hollering to everbody to chug a lug, we're going in. After we got on the ground, Captain came on the IC apologizing and said"they found a hole, gave it to us and down we came. Sorry for the short notice" but nobody cared.


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