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Southwest Airlines runs out of de-icer, cancels all flights from Midway

For at least the second time this winter, Southwest Airlines had trouble de-icing planes at Midway Airport, leaving hundreds of passengers stranded. On Sunday, the Chicago Department of Aviation’s website showed cancellations of all Southwest Airlines flights departing Midway. A Southwest Airlines representative sent a written statement in response to inquiries regarding the flights. ( Más...

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Bill Harris 2
"Tiller declined to be specific about what measures were being taken to accommodate passengers, but she said that while Southwest doesn’t typically offer 'gestures of goodwill' as a result of weather-related events, the large number of cancellations in this case has the airline making “additional considerations for impacted customers.”
"But aviation consultant Michael Boyd noted that Southwest’s de-icing debacle was likely a one-off event that could only be blamed on Mother Nature."

So SWA typically might not take responsiblility for 'gestures of goodwill' to accomodate its customers because the company's inability to ensure an adequate supply of a consumable required for operations, and the mechanical failure of a pump, is being palmed off as weather-related? Not what I would have expected from them.


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