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Should American Have Blamed Interns For Loose Seats?

New reports suggest that interns at an outsourced contractor were partially responsible for American's 757 seat problems. ( Más...

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preacher1 3
Well, you can say what you will about outsourcing, good or bad, BUT there are reputable companies around and in times past, Timco has been among the tops. One particularly interesting note in the story is that even though the work was done by interns, it was checked by Timco FAA certified folks as well as AA people. That said, it may have been something that could not have been seen or it could have just been given a casual glance by the certified folks. That said, if interns did the work, it should have been looked at in the various stages of doing rather than just at completion.
donhun1313 1
QA is at fault not the interns! That is why we have QA inspectors in the first place. Even experienced mechanics make mistakes. To blame an intern is just piss poor management.


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