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A man who fled Atlanta airport after a weapon discharged is still at large. Here's what we know

Three days after a gunshot set off a panic inside the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, police are still looking for the man they say brought the weapon through a security checkpoint and then managed to slip away in the ensuing chaos, firearm in hand. ( More...

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btweston 2
Guns guns guns. Everybody needs guns.
godutch 4
When seconds count, cops are minutes away. Arm yourself and PROTECT yourself.
bdarnell 6
What is amazing is the speed with which a semi-aviation related post devolves into a political pillow fight.
jaymeinen 3
I would’ve read the article but then I saw it was by cnn (lower case intentional)so I knew that it would’ve been editorialized and hyped with little regard to any real facts. cnn should not be shared as they’re no longer legitimate news.
JJ Johnson -6
Well, it's Atlanta 3rd world cesspool inhabited by sub-humans and diversity experiments run amok. Biden voters
godutch 3
JJ...I almost guarantee that the majority of these are law abiding citizens who lawfully conceal carry who FORGET they are carrying... especially women with firearms forgotten in purses. Unfortunately, the police and agenda driven media just won't report this accurately...or not at all. They want you to think criminals and 'terrorists' are running amok at the airports. Not smart for the cc folks who do this...but there you are.
Leo Aubry -9
Trump has more supporters (FRENDS) in jail than any president in history, stick that in your pipe and smoke.
But the clinton/ohwhammy/biden mafia has more friends that "committed suicide".....
Leo Aubry -3
No problems with suicide, at least their not hurting no one.
Ed Chapman 2
Wow…all these years I never realized that’s how you’re supposed to spell “FRIENDS”!
godutch -4
More people illegally arrested you mean? a liberal/leftist/Justice Department. Perfect example of many: Hunter and daddy Biden's multi-million dollar crooked dealings with China and the Ukraine.
EMK69 3
LOL amazing.


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