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US airline 'loses Netanyahu bodyguard guns'

Not even officers from Israeli security service Shin Bet can escape the scourge of lost luggage it seems. ( Más...

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Pete Court 0
It is unthinkable to me in this time of terrorism that the Prime Minister and the Israel government would risk the lives of the traveling public. I know we saved Millions by not sending our President to Israel. They saved Millions by flying on a domestic airline. I also can’t believe that he was not meet at JFK by US officials to take him away on a private US government Aircraft with the luggage!

Let’s hope this does not leave a high body count around NY.
vin herman 0
Should've went Fedex... The bag would've been ther waiting at their destination. Their security is excellent, BTW... (Very rare a theft occurs at FEDEX...EXCELLENT CORPORATE SECURITY TEAM. Probably less than .5% of all pkgs handled) Much better than airline baggage handlers and even TSA...IMO.
Makes me feel real safe when I remove my belt and flip-flops, for bomb inspection.
Give me a break!
Michael Meek 0
Why am I not surprised?
pete krohn 0
again, a breach of security from WITHIN the system itself. Just pathetic!
DaveTibbals 0
The last time I checked firearms, the ticket agent put yellow tape around the bag with the word "firearms" in black. Could not miss it.

If it is "screwed up" odds are, the Federal Government is involved.
Bill Webb 0
They were cleared by TSA, who probably marked the bag with a big orange X.
Bill Butler 0
Ziva could find them.
Mike Cunningham 0
Isreal has the best intelligence sevice. they will find them.
Joshua Hope 0
i wonder if they were in a locked, hard sided container with no outward sign that weapons were in it, according to FAA regs?
Personally, I am kind of glad that the US Government does not permit known AUTHORIZED Security Officials for a World leader carry their weapons. I would tend to trust a lot of the world leader's agents, but certainly not all of them!

I bet the Mosad finds those missing gats....
mikey mikey 0
new york? they've already been sold and are on the streets.
Why would US Government, not permit known AUTHORIZED Security Officals, for a World leader carry their weapons ? This is absolutely crazy ... Then we have to ask, why didn't Netanyahu have his own plane ?? .. That's even more crazy.
TTail 0
welcome to america, and the lost luggage carousel. hope they find them before the luggage thieves find them.


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