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VIDEO Southwest Airlines The Making of Florida One

An amazing time lapse showing the building through first flight of Southwest Airlines' 73 "Florida One" ( Más...

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Stefan Sobol 1
The plane going into the paint hanger is not the same as coming out. Before painting the plane is a -800, after it is a -700. The video is generated for each customer. The part before the paint shop is the standard Boeing assembly video of an -800. The part where the actual painting starts (not the cleaning) is specific to the customer. If someone is interested they might be able to find out which airline received MN 1948 (the plane in the build part of the video).
Matthew Unger 0
That is a great video! I hope to be able to fly aboard this aircraft one day!
Fantastic photography brilliant paint job
Michael Hughes 1
Fantastic time lapse video of the construction and decoration of this unique B737
Very nice time lapse photography.
Loyd Enochs 1
Very cool - I wonder how much the additional paint weighs and how much more per hour of operation it costs to carry?
vonerot8 3
Great video. I love the paint scheme. - Very colorful


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