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8 Incidents In 10 Weeks: What’s Happening With SpiceJet?

India’s budget carrier SpiceJet is facing quite a bit of turbulence these days, hitting the headlines every other week for all kinds of aircraft-related incidents. For quite some time now, the carrier has been struggling with a string of issues – from court cases and financial troubles to aircraft scrutiny and incidents. Here’s a look at some of the more recent ones. Difficult times SpiceJet has seen better days! One doesn’t even have to go that far back to dig out a time period when the airline… ( More...

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David Beattie 1
Too much curry.
Dave Mathes 7
...maybe the 2nd word in the 1st sentence has something to do with it...just sayin'
Highflyer1950 9
Obviously things are getting back to normal. Usually you get 10 in 10 weeks!


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