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Atlanta Hartsfield TSA worker abducts, rapes woman

The LaGrange Daily News reports that Randall Scott King, whose age was not released, grabbed the woman Wednesday night from a MARTA parking lot then took her to his house in Hogansville, about 50 miles south of Atlanta. ( More...

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ken young 0
go2phls: what are you saying?
go2phls 0
There is always a WINGNUT that makes it through the door.
ken young 0
Allowing TSA agents collective bargaining rights and access to federal worker union protections would pretty much make air travel impossible.
If we think these TSA people are a PITA now, just wait and see what they behave like if they KNOW they cannot be fired for ANY reason except the commission of a felony and even that is no guarantee they'd get canned.
turtle0221 0
Police officers have been convicted of many crimes including rape and murder. Do we blame their hiring or training process,or say that every law enforcement officer is bad. NO. Military members including some high ranking officers have been convicted of such crimes also, Do we blame their recruiting or training,or say the entire military is bad. NO. It doesn't matter if you hate TSA or not, don't blame the hiring or training process or the thousands of employees because of a few bad apples. Some bad apples slip thru the cracks in every job interview and training process.
Buly 0
Wait until TSA becomes unionized (it is in the works). It will take 6 years for guy like this one to get fired, and the quality of service to the public will be greatly improved :). Just look at the USPS.
Andres Carazo 0
Is raping part of the training menu at the TSA? A "behavior detection officer" and a rapist? WTF? What kind of cockamamie screening process the TSA utilize to hire their so-called officers? AMERICA, STOP BEING AFRAID!! The public should boycott the pat downs en masse!! Let's stop being sheeps! How long do we have to put up with the TSA crap. Why doesn't Obeyme do something about it? Let michelle obeyme submit to one of those intimate TSA pat downs. That a**hole running the TSA, better be looking for another job. The great legacy of the TSA. What a joke!
Barbara Gould 0
As the mother of a Coast Guard Pilot who flies commercial quite often, any TSA agent who would try
to take my Daughter out of line, and rape her, would be in for a huge surprise. As tiny as she is, she is "combat trained" and any civilian would have a very difficult time, intimidating her, because she also holds a 3rd Degree Black Belt, in Goju Riu Karate, but it is a horrible thought, that we have come to this, that women are not even safe, in what is supposed to be one of THE best controlled areas of travel! What good are TSA agents, if they are not also aware of "strange" behavior among their co-workers? Guess they aren't AS alert as they are supposedly trained to be, and for my money, THAT is not acceptable. I say fire all of them, who were working the same post this animal was working, and put a crew in there, who have the mental capacity to prevent it from inside, as well as OUT.
Who cares about the stock prices of your company,Brian. That is the whole problem with our country now. We seem to put the God Almighty dollar before everything else including human compassion, decency and morality. So important that many Americans are being screwed out of their life savings because of some crooked thief called an CEO who passed a background check with flying colors. The saying "You can't fix stupid" certainly holds true. We are on a downhill slide and no one can figure out why. Well, I certainly have. Bottom line is if you have to lie, cheat and insult your customers to turn a profit then you have no business operating in the U.S.
Barbara Gould 0
Hate to say this, but whoever the woman was, should have resisted being removed from the line
unless a FEMALE TSA agent was with them. To wander off, with anyone alone, is a disaster
waiting to happen.
Even male physicians will no longer examine women, without a Nurse or
Aid present, in the examining some of the responsibility, to protect ourselves,
lies with us too. This TSA worker, was also ready to committ suicide, so what did he
have to lose, according to the AJC.
Watch Dog 0
It's not that he did this because he worked for the TSA, but, the psyche has to be affected in a way that contributes to the behavior. Of course this kind of extreme action is just that, extreme, and thus we would not expect to see other power hungry TSA workers abusing their authority outside of the security checkpoint. However, if his mind was already damaged to begin with, just imagine what he may have been thinking. Maybe he felt he could kidnap this women and control her, because after all, he has been in a position of authority for several years at the TSA. The same connection to the psyche could be made if this individual was a local police officer or a member of the military. Sometimes the feeling of being in control and above everyone else contributes to people committing crimes against others. They psychologically get off on having control over others.

However, I do not believe that the sole cause of his actions is due to him working for the TSA. As Mr. Ebdon pointed out, he may very well have done the same thing had he been a convenience store clerk.
TTail 0
what does the TSA have to do with being a psychopath?? if he was not a felon before, how do we stop this kind of thing?? so blaming the TSA for the actions of a LOSER, does nothing for me, except piss me off.
Gene spanos 0
The need to hang that SB!
Get a rope!
perhaps he would have done the same thing if he were a convenience store clerk...Of corse, then it would not have even gotten any press in that case.
Arun, your comment "just for ratings" is right, that and all the hip media is hating on TSA right now since it is trendy.
Watch Dog 0
Kevin, I really couldn't agree more.

Brian, I really couldn't agree more.

One would like to see what impact working for the TSA has had on this individual's psyche. Perhaps the person went on a power trip. The smartass in me says this was an offsite patdown screening gone horribly wrong.
Brian Bishop 0
"correlation does not equal causation "

No...but if this person worked for MY COMPANY, it would certainly have an immediate impact on our business, not to mention our stock price!
Arun Nair 0
This is no different than a creepy mall Santa Claus molesting someone on his way home. Are we going to start hating Santa...? AJC is putting the word 'ATL TSA worker abducts....' just for ratings.
Kevin Kuhn 0
correlation does not equal causation
This is just wonderful. Do we really need another reason to despise the TSA??
I live here in Columbus, thats just crucial to hear.


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