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Man Turns Airplane Into Dream Home

When you picture your dream home, what comes to mind? For most people, the inside of an airplane is the furthest thing from the image of bliss that pops into their heads. For Bruce Campbell of Oregon, his dream home is a Boeing 727-200. ( Más...

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Steve Long 1
I remember that 727 being moved into position about 15 years ago when I lived out in that area of Oregon. Was huge news when so many roads and the light rail were shut down for the big move in the middle of the night. The aircraft stayed at KHIO for a couple months while he removed the wings and made other preparations for the move. My dad and brother got to go inside and check it out. I remember Mr. Campbell advertising used aircraft seats for sale with a stipulation that they could not be used in any type of aviation again. Ahh memories...
Paul Simpson 1
Not bad.


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