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The Truth About Flight Tracking. How the NY Times Got it Wrong

Since the MH370 disappearance, there's been so much media fixation on how planes are and aren't tracked. Most of the reporting, though, has been erroneous or misleading. Here's an example. ( Más...

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jwmson 4
Most of the "media avaition experts" probably still think turbulance is caused by "air pockets."
lynx318 2
Aren't we all sick of the media hyping every story for days with no new information given. It seems when TV news (all channels) has a topic then 90% of their broadcast time is taken up with one story with the same details repeated over & over again. Everything else is ignored, but wait new major story & previous story dropped like a dead donkey. Conclusion: modern y-generation (we want it now) news services SUCK & need a hell of a shake up.
Mort Young 2
After putting in 40 or so years as a newsman (I dislike being called a "journalist," the accusation made many decades ago about college grads starting out on newspapers), I wish I could refute the disgruntled comments made here. All I can say safely is that we all can thank the digital scoops that throng the Internet. Instant reporting is now the lifeline of the press on the overwhelming Internet. The best reporting is of course the correct reportage. Sources like the NY Times insist on reporting reality and depend on their reporters to follow that rule. But mistakes happen, and newsmen anxious to rise into the upper atmosphere of editorship sometimes fail to open their parachutes on the way down.
ken young 1
The NYT now longer reports the news. The NYT reports a point of view of the news.
Frank Silano 1
I think that computerization has taken over , and not left any more to feel with the pilots flying the planes.... i drive a cadillac cts and the computer tells the vechile what it wants ,,,( been working on cars since i was 14 now 80, and need my owners to set the clock in my car with the help of the DIP divers information panel LET the pilots fly the planes with the help of the computer.. thank you frank silano
ken young 1
From the heavily left bias and editorialized news New York Times, I expect nothing less
CaptJohn1 1
Remenber, the news business is......a business. They sell the news to gain viewers. Their not in the business of reporting the facts, and, unfortunately, not only has it been like that for too long, it's not going to get any better.
lynx318 1
By repeating themselves with stale information they lose viewers. Time to change channels again.
nicholas weber 1
It's always difficult to pick out the truth from the hype that the media feed us. It would seem that a substantial part of the aircraft tail section has been located some kilometres away from other wreckage. If that is indeed that case then that suggests the tail broke off. Notwithstanding the material from which it is made, it is never going to be stronger than being able to resist a gust ratio of 66 feet per second. If that limit is reached (which happens frequently in a thunderstorm especially in the tropics) and control forces are applied at the same moment then the gust ratio is exceeded and that component breaks apart.
I have to agree with the article. The media tends to over exaggerate things because it believes it can find the answer faster than anyone. Even investigators. One example. I was watching CNN the other day (I don't know why I continue to be surprised) when they where giving information on the disappearance of QZ8501. They had they meteorologist explaining what can happen when an airplane goes into a thunderstorm. The more I listened the more I said to my self "no! that's not how any of it works". They start running out of material and they start bringing all these experts that are conceded have nothing to do but come to a website like this and start quoting a bunch of people from the internet on TV.
matt jensen -7
Faux noise
Commie News Network
Mort Young 0
That's the pilot in the left seat, reading the Timea.
Right seat, co-pilot and Fox News.

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Neil Laferty 2
"Clown?" You mean, an actual commercial airline pilot who has intimate knowledge of what he's talking about?
Why do you think he's a clown? I think he's pretty knowledgeable...
johnmunroe 2
Sorry, what are you trying to say?
linbb 2
I have no idea but you might go to his page and read his comments kind of says it all.
johnmunroe 2
Just to clarify, my reply above was to btweston's comment.I was tempted to be more direct but instead opted to give him the benefit of a misunderstanding on his part. It appears he prefers not to explain his comment.


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