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Raytheon Starship (N903SC)
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Raytheon Starship (N903SC)



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Too bad the governments fear of new technology forced Beechcraft to make the Starships heavier than needed. I’ll bet another attempt would go better than before. I’m sure sales would be strong!!!
Michael McMurtrey
Registered as an "RNS Enterprise," serial number "NCC-1701," and flying as Experimental. Aircraft based at ADs as of a few years back, when I had a chance to photograph the airplane and meet its owner, who is obviously a Star Trek fan.
ugly but usefull ?
Luc Barbier
"canard" design making the airplane essentially stall proof. And full composite materials and twin turboprop pusher engines.
too many innovations?
Initial models were expensive and much slower than competition. Early models had early version PT6s. Only 9 still airworthy, Beech/Raytheon will purchase and immediately cut spar in half, they don't want to support it anymore.
Piaggio Avanti took concept and refined it with big, new PT6s. Avanti a speed-demon.
Bruce Crosby
Saw one of the prototypes at MCK years ago. Pilot told me next version would have a glass cockpit.
David Seider
Dear Beechcraft:
To paraphrase the pro-Second Amendment folks :)
"I will give up my Starship when you can pry it from my cold, dead fingers!"
Absolutely beautiful aircraft. As has happened with many designs, it was just too innovative for its' time.
David Seider
Great examples also!
True, and true.


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