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Boeing B-29 Superfortress (N529B) - Commemorative Air Force heavy metal rounding the corner at the 2019 Wings Over Dallas WWII Air Show.
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Boeing B-29 Superfortress (N529B)


Commemorative Air Force heavy metal rounding the corner at the 2019 Wings Over Dallas WWII Air Show.


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Dwight Hartje
Epic shot of what are the two greatest war time bombers! Epic catch of these both in the screen!
John moffitt
Awesome shot.
Diana Rose
Gavin Hughes
Simply a superb photo.
ken kemper
Very neat photo !!

Love it
Johan Haasbroek
Hi there. I'm all new to this site and absolutely love all your photos and knowledge.
Just checking.. far left (port side) propeller seems a bit out of sinc with the others. Any comment?
frank theriault
Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.
Robert Oldershaw
Agreed - very awesome shot of some great warbirds.
George Hall
The two most iconic bombers that are both partly responsible for ending WW2 in the Pacific and Europe. This photo has to be rare. Great pic.
Kerry Ahearn
I can almost see the strings they're hanging from.
Great shot!!!!!!!!!! 2 of my favorites in the same frame, nice!
David Liggett
Fantastic shot of both!
Linda Nitzschke
Actual photo...or work of art?
Douglas Miles
WOW, right place, right time. Great capture!!!
super shot , compliments !!
The B-29 is so perfectly aerodynamically clean for its time!

Excellent shot!
zfwaviationPhoto Uploader
Thanks all.
Brad Wong
Super, excellent, great catch
john cook
Great shot, sure good seeing FiFi up, and I sure miss 909.
I know that's not 909 but reminds me of Her.
Johan H - it is the other 3 that are out of sync. Wait for the next pass!
whoa - outstanding!
Carl Hahn
What matters is if the RPM is matched. Never exactly matched, so you will hear a low pitch wow which represents the beat frequency between the engines.
Woop woop!
Chris Jones
So great to see the results of so much effort, time, and money to keep these warbirds in the air. Thanks to all the people that make these things happen!!!
Don Fritz
Sync is the same speed not the same position. It's just a coincidence the other 3 are in the same position. Great picture.
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Fecha Aeronave Origen Destino Salida Llegada Duración
01-08-2021 UnknownRochester Intl () 09:25AM CDT En Vuelo
31-07-2021 UnknownRochester Intl ()Rochester Intl () 02:16PM CDT 02:42PM CDT 0:25
31-07-2021 UnknownCerca de Rochester, MNRochester Intl () First seen 12:34PM CDT 01:06PM CDT 0:32
31-07-2021 UnknownRochester Intl ()Rochester Intl () 11:02AM CDT 11:34AM CDT 0:32
26-07-2021 UnknownSouthern Wisconsin Rgnl ()Rochester Intl () 08:42AM CDT 09:41AM CDT 0:58
25-07-2021 UnknownSouthern Wisconsin Rgnl ()Southern Wisconsin Rgnl () 10:39AM CDT 11:06AM CDT (?) 0:26
25-07-2021 UnknownSouthern Wisconsin Rgnl ()Southern Wisconsin Rgnl () 09:07AM CDT 09:35AM CDT (?) 0:27
24-07-2021 UnknownSouthern Wisconsin Rgnl ()Southern Wisconsin Rgnl () 12:14PM CDT 12:41PM CDT (?) 0:26
24-07-2021 UnknownSouthern Wisconsin Rgnl ()Southern Wisconsin Rgnl () 10:42AM CDT 11:09AM CDT (?) 0:26
24-07-2021 UnknownSouthern Wisconsin Rgnl ()Southern Wisconsin Rgnl () 09:27AM CDT 09:54AM CDT (?) 0:27
22-07-2021 UnknownLewis University ()Southern Wisconsin Rgnl () 12:26PM CDT 01:00PM CDT (?) 0:33
18-07-2021 UnknownLewis University ()Lewis University () 11:11AM CDT 11:43AM CDT 0:31
18-07-2021 UnknownLewis University ()Lewis University () 09:37AM CDT 10:05AM CDT 0:27
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