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LAKE LA-200 (N1079L) - Gillam Bay, Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas. March 18 2018
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LAKE LA-200 (N1079L)


Gillam Bay, Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas. March 18 2018


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ian mcdonell
You have to like a float plane photo in these surrounds - nicely done
serge LOTH
This picture gives me the taste to refound my seaplane....Extra Jon were you on a boat?
Ramazan Yuksel
Nice a plane
Nice place to hang out.
Id Rocketeer
Nice shot. Makes me wish I was back on vacation in the Bahamas.

For my taste I think I'd have preferred a little slower shutter speed to pick up some blur in the prop and water, assuming you panned.
Stefan Sobol
Good thing he's close to the water with that dead engine.
Richard Ashley
I used to fly one of those!
Richard Ashley
I flew one in Utah and Arizona for years. God how I miss that!
Richard Ashley
I just realized that is my old airplane! I put in over 2,000 hours in that plane in Utah with Western Brine Shrimp International!

If the owner sees this message would you please contact me
*raging elephant in the room*

Is that REALLY your email address?
The other long-trunked loaded with peanuts question ... Do you REALLY THINK he will write to Gayinspandex (?) Dot Com! lol
Bob Hall of Kodiak Airways gave this a try in the 60's when they first came out. I flew in one and liked it. When landing in water, compared to a Goose, Wigeon or float plane it felt like my bottom was below the waterline. Sadly the Lake didn't make it in Kodiak, as it's rough water landing limit was only 6 inch waves or so and while that might happen in a lake environment, in the ocean almost never. Still a sweet aircraft.
Norman Barry
Very scary airplanes to be in. Also followers, this is not a "Floatplane", its an Amphibian.ncb
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Fecha Aeronave Origen Destino Salida Llegada Duración
23-06-2021 UnknownCerca de Orlando, FLCerca de Orlando, FL First seen 10:28AM EDT Last seen 11:25AM EDT 0:56
19-06-2021 UnknownBartow Exec ()Cerca de Orlando, FL 01:33PM EDT Last seen 04:06PM EDT 2:32
19-06-2021 UnknownKissimmee Gateway ()Bartow Exec () 12:38PM EDT 12:56PM EDT (?) 0:17
18-06-2021 UnknownCerca de Orlando, FLKissimmee Gateway () First seen 08:20AM EDT 08:32AM EDT 0:11
14-06-2021 UnknownCerca de Sebring, FLCerca de Orlando, FL First seen 03:59PM EDT Last seen 04:19PM EDT 0:20
14-06-2021 UnknownFort Lauderdale Exec ()Indian Hammock () 02:43PM EDT 03:31PM EDT (?) 0:48
14-06-2021 UnknownCerca de Orlando, FLFort Lauderdale Exec () 09:03AM EDT 10:30AM EDT 1:26
12-06-2021 UnknownCerca de Orlando, FLCerca de Orlando, FL First seen 01:21PM EDT Last seen 01:35PM EDT 0:13
12-06-2021 UnknownCerca de Leesburg, FLWinter Haven Rgnl () 11:06AM EDT 12:41PM EDT (?) 1:34
12-06-2021 UnknownCerca de Orlando, FLCerca de Leesburg, FL First seen 09:30AM EDT Last seen 09:54AM EDT 0:24
11-06-2021 UnknownCerca de Orlando, FLCerca de Orlando, FL First seen 11:37AM EDT Last seen 12:25PM EDT 0:47
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