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Boeing 777-200


COVID 19 grounding of 55 AA aircraft.


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Some people are still in denial of this virus. They need to see this picture for a reality check.
Gary Schenauer
Wasn't Florida where the spring break parties continued (when it was thought the virus was just a boomer problem)? As for this picture, which is what this site is about, this is worth far more than 5 stars. Excellent shots, Tim.
serge LOTH
Gary,I live far East of France ,believe me my friends ! you are under thé reality please protect yourselves,this is not a joke..seriously..
By thé way it.s à Nice moment watching Flight Aware
serge LOTH
I forgot ...amazing and good picture5*
Wayne Brown
Never in our wildest dreams could we imagine this massive aircraft grounding.
Thanks China.
ken kemper

A great historic photo.

Sad ...but true.
Scott Hickman
Ten (or more) B777-200's parked nose-to-tail and side-by-side in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Are they waiting for the next tornado season ?
Ken Robinson
That means that 55 air crews are furloughed. Now on a 777 that's up to 9 people per?
George Haneke
I track aircraft near DFW (75mi NE). Numbers are very low. FedEx and UPS make up more than half the traffic in late evening. Lucky to have four or five AA, DAL, SW or other passenger planes in the air. I am concerned that these aircraft are being stored in Tulsa. This is tornado season coming up and that would be a concern as I would not be able to get them out of there in a hurry if needed. We will get through this but it will never be the same as before. We will learn and adjust as needed.
Nick Fenton
Boy, COVID-19 sure is pounding the heck out of the aviation industry.


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