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Rebuilt Beaver, by Kenmore Air. Testing on Lake Washington, near Seattle, WA


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Beautiful shot of a venerable aircraft.
Ed Boock
Excellent rebuilt Beaver. Paint job is a home run.
Leon Kay
Great photo.
serge LOTH
A Jewel...super!
David Ingram
Stopped in to see the operation at Kenmore Air. Impressed.
marylou anderson
Pretty plane--pretty setting.
Ray Greaves
Such a beautifule livery and what a beautiful example. Both parents worked at De Havilland Canada and we lived at 47 Spalding Avenue (Now Spalding Road) just 230 yards from the nearest runway fence at Downsview airfield from where DHC operated.

I once came home from school in a mid winter walking along the length of Spalding and looking ahead saw a Beaver flying right over the runway at the end of Spalding, flying at zero groudspeed into a headwind and it stayed their for at least five minutes!

Its so good to see these aircraft flying still and knowing they will be around long after I am gone. Keep up the good work and hope Kenmore Air and Viking Air get along well.

Ray Greaves
PS I will upload a picture of a drinks caoster made by someone at DHC and given to my late father, not an aircraft, but DHC related. Do with it as you wish.


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