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Boeing 757-200 (N14102) - United's 'Her Art Here - New York/New Jersey' special livery heading to San Francisco
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Boeing 757-200 (N14102)


United's 'Her Art Here - New York/New Jersey' special livery heading to San Francisco


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Derek Marshall
Another great click sir looks like we have a New king of KBOS I tip my spotting cap
Derek Marshall
Just some Delusional person thinking he was
Chris lannoPhoto Uploader
There never was an old King of KBOS
Gary Schenauer
Whoa! Looks like I touched a nerve with my comment to Darryl. Hey, guys, I am so sorry. Really. We never figured a fun and complimentary comment to a long-time Boston area photog would get you both so upset. Truthfully, we have seen Chris's pics for sale (under an altered name, of course) so we knew he is a professional photog, so naturally we expect him to have excellent pics. But geesh! We have a friendly group of amateur contributors to FA but I guess that upsets you two. So, OK, I'm sure Darryl won't mind if we christen Chris the King. If it is THAT important to you, Derek and Chris, we will view you as the King. All hail, Chris Ianno. How's that, Derek? You OK now? On behalf of all of us, I've apologized and blessed Chris as the King. Geez. Now, is it OK if we amateurs friends go on with our fun and you pros make your money? Derek, is it OK if we still call our friend "Boss" or do you want us to drop that nickname too? Is there anything else that is upsetting you? Please let us know what our limitations are, OK? Thanks.
Chris lannoPhoto Uploader
Hey Gary. Keep me out of this little lovefest. I was only responding to a comment, which I hardly do.I don't know who you are but you need to get one fact straight. I'm a spotter and I post pics. I have NEVER sold a photo let alone am I a professional. Not that I need to explain to you. But thanks for the compliment. I use my real name everywhere. I only have a Flickr & Jetphotos page. So I don't know where you come up with this crap. Get your facts straight before you start tossing my name around.
Gary Schenauer
To set the record straight, some of your pics ARE being offered for sale. Have been for some time. They are the exact same ones you post on FA plus plenty we've never seen. If it isn't you selling them, then I do sincerely apologize for the misinterpretation (and then it means your pics are, and have been being, ripped off). Not our concern but we draw conclusions from what we can plainly see. As for this comment thread, I, too, am responding to a Comment aimed at me but placed under your pic. Apparently, a BOS area photog has taken exception to a simple compli we paid to another guy in your area. It had nothing to do with him or you and it is merely an exuberant compli to an on-line friend. It was Derek, not I, who involved you with the two opening Comments. I don't see anything in your response questioning why he is involving you, selecting you to put his comment under or requesting him to keep you out of whatever issue he is apparently upset about and by your lack of irritation with his two comments, it appeared to me that you were in agreement with being brought in. All I am doing now is trying to find out what limitations on our right of free comments are being imposed. I have no issue with you. In fact, a loooong time ago we IDed your pics as superb AND when we saw them for sale we immediately knew why they were so good ... pros take superb pics. (Again, I repeat, several of your pics -- obviously yours - are for sale and have been.) But because you seem to believe that it was solely I who brought you into this and that what can be seen should not always be believed, I'll comply with your instructions here. Your pics are not for sale, you are not a professional, and I am truly sorry that we ever thought otherwise. I'll delete the two sarcastic "King" ...' comments I posted and insure my comments and our viewing of your pics end with this reply. I'll apologize here and now so everyone can see it. In a few days I'll delete this and the above; then I assure you that we will insure that I/we will have no involvement w/you. Best Wishes, Gary
Chris lannoPhoto Uploader
Thanks for the heads up. I definitely would like to know where these might be for sale. It certainly isn't me. I don't get the whole ripping off photos things. I've been contacted for photos in the past and I'm always happy to send them. I never think of taking money. I actually refuse when it's offered. But someone jerk-off taking my shit without my knowledge is an entirely different story. As far as that dope Derek, I've already dealt with him personally.
Chris lannoPhoto Uploader
Thanks for the trouble Gary. Definitely something I'm not aware of.
Chris lannoPhoto Uploader
Thanks for your troubles Gary. I appreciate the effort.I'm certainly not losing sleep over it.
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Fecha Aeronave Origen Destino Salida Llegada Duración
03-10-2022 B752Int'l Libertad de Newark ()Int'l Chicago-O'Hare () 05:22PM EDT 06:03PM CDT 1:41
03-10-2022 B752Int'l de Shannon ()Int'l Libertad de Newark () 12:32PM IST 02:29PM EDT 6:56
02-10-2022 B752Int'l Libertad de Newark ()Int'l de Shannon () 11:32PM EDT 09:51AM IST (+1) 5:18
02-10-2022 B752Int'l Chicago-O'Hare ()Int'l Libertad de Newark () 06:57PM CDT 09:31PM EDT 1:33
01-10-2022 B752Int'l Libertad de Newark ()Int'l Chicago-O'Hare () 09:46PM EDT 10:28PM CDT 1:41
01-10-2022 B752Int'l Washington-Dulles ()Int'l Libertad de Newark () 06:32PM EDT 07:12PM EDT 0:39
01-10-2022 B752Lisboa ()Int'l Washington-Dulles () 01:13PM WEST 04:23PM EDT 8:10
30-09-2022 B752Int'l Washington-Dulles ()Lisboa () 10:46PM EDT 10:31AM WEST (+1) 6:44
30-09-2022 B752Lisboa ()Int'l Washington-Dulles () 02:47PM WEST 05:20PM EDT 7:32
30-09-2022 B752Int'l Washington-Dulles ()Lisboa () 01:54AM EDT 01:13PM WEST 6:18
29-09-2022 B752Int'l Libertad de Newark ()Int'l Washington-Dulles () 08:41PM EDT 09:24PM EDT 0:42
29-09-2022 B752Int'l de Los Ángeles ()Int'l Libertad de Newark () 10:40AM PDT 06:40PM EDT 4:59
28-09-2022 B752Int'l Libertad de Newark ()Int'l de Los Ángeles () 06:04PM EDT 08:11PM PDT 5:06
28-09-2022 B752Tenerife Sur ()Int'l Libertad de Newark () 12:14PM WEST 02:39PM EDT 7:24
27-09-2022 B752Int'l Libertad de Newark ()Tenerife Sur () 10:10PM EDT 09:42AM WEST (+1) 6:31
27-09-2022 B752Int'l Chicago-O'Hare ()Int'l Libertad de Newark () 03:57PM CDT 06:32PM EDT 1:34
27-09-2022 B752Dublín ()Int'l Chicago-O'Hare () 12:07PM IST 01:55PM CDT 7:47
26-09-2022 B752Int'l Libertad de Newark ()Dublín () 10:37PM EDT 09:12AM IST (+1) 5:34
26-09-2022 B752Int'l Chicago-O'Hare ()Int'l Libertad de Newark () 04:54PM CDT 07:26PM EDT 1:32
26-09-2022 B752Dublín ()Int'l Chicago-O'Hare () 12:59PM IST 02:52PM CDT 7:52
25-09-2022 B752Int'l Libertad de Newark ()Dublín () 11:43PM EDT 10:27AM IST (+1) 5:43
25-09-2022 B752Int'l de Los Ángeles ()Int'l Libertad de Newark () 12:33PM PDT 08:25PM EDT 4:51
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