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Lockheed P-38 Lightning (N25Y)


Overflight at Wolfgangsee


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Alan Brown
Great photo! Thanks!
A number of US aerial photographic services flew P-38s (modified F-5 versions) such as Hycon, Kucera, etc. under contract from the USGS/US Army Map Service in the mid-50s to start out one of the most successful U.S. sponsored and funded foreign aid programs: to map large sections from Mexico all the way to Argentina and Chile which so far had no reliable maps. And not onLy that, in 1956 several of these airctaft were ordered to take pictures of the receding glaciers of the highest mountains and volcanoes in the same countries. Yes, the USGS knew about it 60+ YEARS AGO.
Tim Segulin
Unusual angle of a classic I always associate with Kelly Johnson's remarkable ingenuity. Great shot, thanks.
Beautiful picture. Thanks to chalet, Inow know much more about the P38 and its usefulness. Thanks for the history.
Jane Burton
Fascinating aircraft! Nice photo!
Doug Cook
Always that heavy a smoker?
Ed Becker
Very iconic fighter. USA's WWII highest scoring ace (Richard Bong) flew this.
Always my favorite
Duane Ylvisaker
Holy steamboats Batman! Great shot! Oh, and for the conspiracy theorists, it my be poison they're spraying to alter our minds!
Be still my Heart
Andreas StöcklPhoto Uploader
Thanks for the nice and interesting comments :-)
Smoke was on to cheer up the crowds at the Scalaria Air Challenge airshow btw ;-)
Jason Belanger
Stephen Jensen
Fantastic shot of a favorite aircraft!
Richard Sayer
Andrea Gentilini
In my opinion, the Lightning shares the title of "most handsome plane" with the Clipper and the B747 !!
Jim Herring
Great Picture! Wondering about the smoke.
Doug Cook
Andrea? The Connie too, huh?
Andreas StöcklPhoto Uploader
Thanks for your comments! And yes Doug, I've uploaded the Connie also now ;-)
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Fecha Aeronave Origen Destino Salida Llegada Duración
31-07-2020 UnknownSalzburgo ()Salzburgo () 01:45PM CEST 02:41PM CEST 0:55
28-07-2020 UnknownSalzburgo ()Salzburgo () 03:42PM CEST 04:46PM CEST 1:03
25-07-2020 UnknownSalzburgo ()Salzburgo () 02:46PM CEST 04:43PM CEST 1:56
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