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McDonnell Douglas MD-83 —
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McDonnell Douglas MD-83 —



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Alex Georgescu
Is it just me or the old airplane designs were gorgeous?
Daniel Mac Alister
Agreed, Loved the old planes...
Old planes, They were much more elegant than the fat planes flying now.
Robert Dickey
Love the look of the MadDogs
Micky ch
I agree with you, Alex Georgescu, I love these planes, nice and very functional design, the great "workhorses" of many airlines
Dan Little
So good to see ... ! Thanks.
Capwatts1986Photo Uploader
Thank you everyone for the comments
richard ferguson
What a unique view. The bright aluminum stands out. It looks fast just sitting there. I have always liked this plane. Thanks for a great pic!
The Douglas 9-series (of which this is an example) remains my favorite aircraft; simple, graceful, and clean. Oh, the other designs will fly, but this one does it so gracefully.
Spencer Hoefer
MD built some beautiful planes there is no question. I really wish the MD90/95 would've been more popular. Almost all the pieces were there. New avionics and New engines, but they ran out of money before they could consider updating that outdated wing.


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