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Canadair CL-41 Tutor (11-4058)
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Canadair CL-41 Tutor (11-4058)



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Martin Ward
gordon peet
I'm a complete amateur here ... are these aircraft as close as they look?
Roy Hunte
Not quite as close as they look Gordon, but maybe just a little more than wingtip to wingtip distance.
Roy Hunte
Looks like cabin to belly touching but would be at least (while flying level) about 6' between wingtips.
Rafael Castilla
Amazing image.
However, they are under their own shadows, the shadows don`t fall on the next airplane so they are not as close as they seem
Al Bauer
What sort of propulsion do these planes use?
Al Bauer... The Tutor uses the Orenda J85-CAN-40 turbojet, which is a variant of the GE J85 turbojet manufactured in Canada.
Ole Eskildsen
NOT REAL! -- The picture has been constructed with a photo editor.

I don't know why idiots keep coming up with these idiotic home made pictures.

Would you like to see a picture with a Boeing 747 flying under the Golden Gate bridge while upside down? I could easily make such a picture for you or even one doing the same trick in a Space Shuttle! If you saw such a picture, would you believe it?
Mark See
And I wonder, what proof if any do you have to say this photo is a fake? I can tell from your profile that you are a professional photographer though with all those photos on your page and that you are an expert on sensing fakes. Look at the wings and you will see a different shadow on each wing which easily tells you that the poster didn't just take a photo of one plane and insert it twice more to make it look like three in formation, if he did it would have the same shadow on each wing. This sort of image could be taken at any airshow, so again I ask, what could possibly make you to think that this photo is a fake?
Dirk FierensPhoto Uploader
Hi Mark and to everyone else the pic is as you see it the only software I use was Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 and that was just to enhance it. Hopefully that does not take away from the pic, as for photo edit you give me to much credit I personally hate photo edit I don't understand it, I have tried to use it but became to frustrated with it, so it's gone from my computer.
So Mark and to anyone else these pics are real I did not alter, add to or remove anything other than the dirt marks on the picture but thanks for your opinion i appreciate it but for me that day I was simply very lucky to take what pics I could thanks everyone. Dirk
Mark See
It is a very nice shot Dirk and I gave it 5 stars when I first saw it.I was just a bit peeved when I saw him accusing you of uploading a fake when it was obviously real. Well done once again Dirk:)
Justin Zehr
Come to Canada to watch these amazing planes with even more amazing pilots! They'll Be at the London Air Show September 17th and 18th. They make you suck in your breath just watching them. It's a very good, creative show they put on.
sam kuminecz
They in Oshkosh this week...
Dirk FierensPhoto Uploader
Thank Mark I appreciate your comments I was just very lucky that day thanks again regards
Dirk FierensPhoto Uploader
My apologies for not saying this sooner but as mention below the Snowbirds are an amazing team of professionally train pilots whose acrobatics with these planes is something to see.
Crazy flight !
Jim Chambers
...and that son is how baby planes are made.
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