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Boeing 747-8 (LX-VCB)



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C.W. Reed
5 STARS! Lot's of detail here, right down to the parts in the leading edge slat actuator! Thank You Jeroen! Cheers!!
Nathen Sieben
Very nice!
Awesome photo!!! This was the first 747-8 I ever saw when it flew over my house few years ago!
Richard Schmidt
What a Great shot so crisp & clear!

Thank you for this brilliant photo ;)
Sixing Qian
IS captain Joe there
James Eaton
A question from a novice.... 747-8 fine but the engines seem to be from the Dreamliner family: have the original engines been replaced?
renato basso
Huhu....Cargo Queen
Frank Pezzo
Truly a great shot!!!
John Rumble
@James Eaton
Yup Same engine General Electric GEnx
Mr google knows all
Yuriy Kravchuk
That's a beautiful shot. Great job.
One of the finest shots I've seen in a long time, outstanding!!
Bob Keeping
Is that a Canadian Military ? I'd like to see P&W logos in place of the washing machine ones?

Claude Picard
Robert Oldershaw
Incredible detail. Great photo - thank you.
Pablo Rogina
@Bob Keeping
> Is that a Canadian Military ?

What are you talking about? It's a civilian cargo airplane from Luxembourgish cargo airline CargoLux (cargolux.com)
Jeroen StroesPhoto Uploader
Thanks for great comments!,
There's a rivet missing on one of the engine brackets...NOT. How crisp is this pic! I burned my hand pointing out that rivet..LOL.
Radar TFFR
a great shot !
Curtis Smith
Great shot! All the decals and details make up a great composition in itself! Thank you!
Excellent picture!
Nice picture
David Seider
@Bob Keeping
Bob - As a former P&W designer (military, not civil), I too would love to see the "Dependable Engines" eagle on the engine nacelles.
Otherwise, what @Pablo Rogina in his post.
Derek Mawhinney
Amazing shot from underneath in flight and before the landing gear doors are closed and a perfect blue sky.
Louie Zhang
Nice photo.
Awesome details.
Great work!
Stephen Jensen
Fantastic shot ! Fantastic detail ! Excellent !
Nice! shot <3
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Fecha Aeronave Origen Destino Salida Llegada Duración
07-08-2020 B744Luxemburgo ()Int'l Queen Alia () 04:52PM CEST 09:32PM EEST En Vuelo
06-08-2020 B744Intercontinental George Bush ()Luxemburgo () 05:57PM CDT 09:28AM CEST (+1) 8:31
06-08-2020 B748Int'l de Guadalajara ()Intercontinental George Bush () 01:16PM CDT 03:06PM CDT 1:49
06-08-2020 B748Int'l de la Ciudad de México ()Int'l de Guadalajara () 10:16AM CDT 11:08AM CDT 0:52
06-08-2020 B748Int'l John F. Kennedy ()Int'l de la Ciudad de México () 04:15AM EDT 07:26AM CDT 4:10
05-08-2020 B748Luxemburgo ()Int'l John F. Kennedy () 10:17PM CEST 11:56PM EDT 7:38
04-08-2020 B748Int'l Chicago-O'Hare ()Luxemburgo () 05:41PM CDT 07:52AM CEST (+1) 7:11
04-08-2020 B748Int'l Ted Stevens Anchorage ()Int'l Chicago-O'Hare () 05:43AM AKDT 01:49PM CDT 5:06
04-08-2020 B748Zhengzhou Xinzheng Int'l ()Int'l Ted Stevens Anchorage () 11:25AM CST 03:45AM AKDT 8:19
04-08-2020 B748Novosibirsk Tolmachevo ()Cerca de Zhengzhou, Henan 03:09AM +07 Last seen 07:59AM CST 3:50
03-08-2020 B748Int'l de Almatý ()Novosibirsk Tolmachevo () 11:05PM +06 01:59AM +07 (+1) 1:53
03-08-2020 B748Luxemburgo ()Int'l de Almatý () 11:03AM CEST 09:12PM +06 6:08
03-08-2020 B748Heydar Aliyev Int'l ()Luxemburgo () 05:19AM +04 07:53AM CEST 4:34
02-08-2020 B748Int'l Suvarnabhumi ()Heydar Aliyev Int'l () 11:47PM +07 03:33AM +04 (+1) 6:46
02-08-2020 B748Int'l de Taiwán Taoyuan ()Int'l Suvarnabhumi () 06:36PM CST 08:33PM +07 (?) 2:56
02-08-2020 B744Int'l Suvarnabhumi ()Luxemburgo () 05:36PM +07 09:45PM CEST (?) 9:09
02-08-2020 B748Heydar Aliyev Int'l ()Int'l de Taiwán Taoyuan () 03:55AM +04 04:10PM CST 8:14
02-08-2020 B744Int'l de Taiwán Taoyuan ()Int'l Suvarnabhumi () 07:55AM CST 10:20AM +07 (?) 3:25
01-08-2020 B744Luxemburgo ()Heydar Aliyev Int'l () 05:15PM CEST 11:14PM +04 3:58
01-08-2020 B744Luxemburgo ()Int'l de Taiwán Taoyuan () 05:15PM CEST Desviado
01-08-2020 B748Al Maktoum Int'l ()Luxemburgo () 06:40AM +04 11:01AM CEST 6:21
01-08-2020 B744Int'l de Kuala Lumpur ()Al Maktoum Int'l () 02:46AM +08 05:00AM +04 6:13
01-08-2020 B744Int'l de Kuala Lumpur ()Luxemburgo () 02:46AM +08 Desviado
31-07-2020 B744Int'l de Singapur ()Int'l de Kuala Lumpur () 11:30PM +08 12:10AM +08 (+1) 0:39
31-07-2020 B748Cerca de BakuInt'l de Singapur () First seen 08:51AM +04 09:02PM +08 8:10
30-07-2020 B748Luxemburgo ()Heydar Aliyev Int'l () 10:59PM CEST 05:06AM +04 (+1) 4:07
30-07-2020 B748Int'l de Seattle-Tacoma ()Luxemburgo () 12:12AM PDT 05:50PM CEST 8:38
29-07-2020 B748Int'l de Los Ángeles ()Int'l de Seattle-Tacoma () 07:32PM PDT 09:25PM PDT 1:53
29-07-2020 B748Glasgow Prestwick ()Int'l de Los Ángeles () 02:50PM BST 04:28PM PDT 9:38
29-07-2020 B744Luxemburgo ()Glasgow Prestwick () 12:33PM CEST 01:03PM BST 1:29
28-07-2020 B748Int'l Chicago-O'Hare ()Luxemburgo () 03:57PM CDT 06:13AM CEST (+1) 7:16
28-07-2020 B744Zhengzhou Xinzheng Int'l ()Int'l Chicago-O'Hare () 06:12PM CST 10:29AM CDT 5:17
28-07-2020 B748Int'l Ted Stevens Anchorage ()Int'l Chicago-O'Hare () 02:12AM AKDT 10:27AM CDT 5:15
28-07-2020 B744Zhengzhou Xinzheng Int'l ()Int'l Ted Stevens Anchorage () 08:58AM CST 12:46AM AKDT 7:47
28-07-2020 B748Novosibirsk Tolmachevo ()Cerca de Zhengzhou, Henan 12:52AM +07 Last seen 05:41AM CST 3:48
27-07-2020 B748Int'l de Almatý ()Novosibirsk Tolmachevo () 07:18PM +06 10:09PM +07 1:50
27-07-2020 B744Luxemburgo ()Int'l de Almatý () 07:45AM CEST 05:25PM +06 5:39
26-07-2020 B748Int'l de Los Ángeles ()Luxemburgo () 08:54AM PDT 03:28AM CEST (+1) 9:34
25-07-2020 B748Int'l Ted Stevens Anchorage ()Int'l de Los Ángeles () 09:42PM AKDT 03:12AM PDT (+1) 4:30
26-07-2020 B744Int'l de Hong Kong ()Int'l de Los Ángeles () 01:42PM HKT 03:12AM PDT 4:30
26-07-2020 B744Int'l de Hong Kong ()Int'l Ted Stevens Anchorage () 02:13AM HKT 07:50PM AKDT (-1) 9:37
25-07-2020 B748Int'l de Bahréin ()Int'l de Hong Kong () 10:21AM +03 11:39PM HKT 8:18
25-07-2020 B748Int'l de Dammam-Rey Fahd ()Int'l de Bahréin () 08:09AM +03 08:27AM +03 0:17
24-07-2020 B748Luxemburgo ()Int'l de Dammam-Rey Fahd () 11:38PM CEST 06:00AM +03 (+1) 5:22
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