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Boeing Harrier (16-4142) - Thunder & Lightning Over Arizona at Davis Monthan AFB, 12 Mar 16.
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Boeing Harrier (16-4142)


Thunder & Lightning Over Arizona at Davis Monthan AFB, 12 Mar 16.


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Greg ByingtonPhoto Uploader
Okay, I know there are many pictures posted here on FA tagged as either AV8B or AV8, but the system will not let me use either one of them. So, if anyone knows what Aircraft Type code I can use for a Harrier, I would appreciate it.
Greg ByingtonPhoto Uploader
I re-read Gary's advice on tags and realized that that is the problem here with the Aircraft Type. BUT, the reason I couldn't initially input the correct info is because of another problem. I had the correct info before the initial save, but I couldn't get my browser to let me put the cursor in that field/box to enter the info. So, Gary is right, after the initial save you can't go back and put it in. I don't know if it is the browser I'm using (Firefox), or if it is FA regarding the cursor issue. But you would think that FA could fix it so that the Aircraft Type could be changed later.
Greg ByingtonPhoto Uploader
In case anyone else is having similar issues, I just tried uploading a photo using IE instead of Firefox, and I did NOT have the same problem. I was able to include the Aircraft Type on the initial upload without an issue. So, I guess the browser could be an issue, too.
Gary Schenauer
Greg, I'm not sure if this will be a remedy to your "cursor" issue, but it can't hurt to try the following ...
When you first begin the Upload Process to put a pic into the gallery, you will see that you have an option. There is a link that reads something similar to " Use the Old Upload Page " to upload your pic. I always click on that link and use the old method. The pic uploads and the instant it is "in," a four-option pulldown always appears ... Registration Number, Airport, Aircraft Type, and Description. Before doing anything else, I immediately fill in each area: I enter the reg, pulldown to Aircraft Type and enter it, pulldown to Airport and enter it, and then pulldown to Description. In the instance here of your photo, putting AV8B during initial upload as you tried to do is what the previous posters did when they uploaded their photos. It is a (max) four-digit entry and as long as you did not later go back it should have stayed there. So perhaps if you try using the old upload page, maybe your cursor will permit you to just pull down to each data box. (PS >> The AIRLINE data box does NOT appear in the pulldown.)
It would be far easier to just not worry about those boxes and just put all the info in the DESCRIPTION section. However, the FA GALLERY SEARCH mechanism does not SEARCH thru the DESCRIPTION; it just SEARCHES those data boxes. So when anyone runs a SEARCH thru the gallery, if they type in "AV8" or "AV8B," this great shot of yours won't come up ... so folks don't get to see it. The data boxes are important. So if you haven't tried using the "Old Upload Page" option, give it a try. :-)
Greg ByingtonPhoto Uploader
Thanks, Gary, I'll try that. In the great scheme of things this isn't the biggest thing to worry about. But, like you said, it would be nice to get the aircraft type in there so it would be more "searchable." Thanks again!
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