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1846046 — - KC-46A 18-46046 at 25,000' MSL over Lone Pine, California on February 19, 2021.  I wasn't receiving ADS-B from the white 747-derived plane.
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1846046 —


KC-46A 18-46046 at 25,000' MSL over Lone Pine, California on February 19, 2021. I wasn't receiving ADS-B from the white 747-derived plane.


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tom239Photo Uploader
I started receiving ADS-B from the white plane after the two planes separated. It is a Boeing E-4 Advanced Airborne Command Post, 73-1677.
Brian Elling
Splendid shot!
ph gero
747 refuelling !
serge LOTH
ken kemper
Great Capture.........

Beautiful moment.

Reminds me of seeing 3 B-52's refueling from a single KC-135 over Iron Mt MI (less than 20 Kft above) - from KI Sawyer AFB in early 1990's.
Will Sutton
I got a KC-135 Tanker ride when I was still enlisted, and maintaining the Tanker Flt Sim at Barksdale AFB in the late '70s, when SAC conducted a 24-hour shake-down flight of the first E-4B that had just been delivered. Our tanker was one of a 2-tanker cell that met it for its second scheduled refueling. I have film of the E-4 approaching the other tanker and then moving up to the one I was on. A few years later I was stationed at SAC HQ at Offutt AFB and saw them daily.
B. L. Goodman
Fabulous photo!!! Thanks for posting it!
super shot !
Chuck Pergiel
Did you take this from the ground? What kind of lens were you using?
Dan Cranor
Not a 747, it’s an E4-B. We see them at Dyess AFB occasionally.
My daughter loves this plane so I bought her a model for Christmas.
Joe Wood
Where can you buy any kind of models anymore?
tom239Photo Uploader
Thanks everyone for the kind comments!

Chuck Pergiel: Yes, I took the pic from the ground. Terrain at my location is 4500' MSL and the planes were at 25,000' (per ADS-B). I used a Fuji X-E2S body with XF100-400 lens at f=400mm.
Amir Begloei
What a beautiful shot of a 747 200. Simply Majestic <3
Stephen Jensen
Great shot :-)
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02-08-2022 UnknownEdwards Afb ()Edwards Afb () 10:20AM PDT 02:23PM PDT 4:02
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