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Boeing 727-100


A United Airlines Boeing B727-200 Lands At LAX In The 1960s, ALL Credits Go To "DFW Tower" I Take ABOULUTLY NO Credit For This Shot WHATSOEVER...


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C.W. Reed
Actually, this is an early 727-100. In my opinion, better looking than the 200! Cheers!!
Chris PartinPhoto Uploader
@C.W. Reed, Thanks for the correction! i cant ever tell the different between the -100 and -200, more classic shots on the way!
Gary Schenauer
Also, this is not UA's "Friendship" livery. Three obvious clues. 1) The "Friendship" livery was similar; however, it featured four stars on the tail and four stars on the fuselage by the UNITED title. 2) This pic is identified as being taken in the 60s. The Friendship livery appeared in the 70s. 3) No UA 100 series 727 ever wore the Friendship livery.
Chris PartinPhoto Uploader
@Gary Schenauer thanks for correcting me, it looked so similar i forgot about the Stars... my bad :D
C.W. Reed
I myself forgot that the "friend ship" livery was early 1970's. Gary S. has a LOT of knowledge! Cheers!!
Gary Schenauer
Chris ... No problem, my friend. I'm a bit knowledgeable of UA's info during the 60s because I was born and raised in Buffalo, and back in my teen years (the 60s) UA, AA, and EA were the three national carriers serving Buffalo. I (sort of) "lived" at Buffalo's Airport thru the 60s until I enlisted. (Grin - Until recently, I still had a ton of airlines timetable booklets. And I can still specifically remember ... the counter agents at Mohawk, American, Eastern, and Allegheny would just smile and give a Thumbs Up when we'd go up and grab the newest timetable from the counter, but the counter gals at United would get upset and insist we put them back because "those cost money to print and they are for paying passengers." So, we'd just go up to someone standing in the check-in line and ask that "paying passenger" to grab one. Then, after the pax had checked his / her bags and gotten a boarding pass, we'd just meet them and get our new timetable.) Anyway, that's why I know about the Friendship livery. UA had a "Fly the Friendly Skies" slogan and the Friendship livery was introduced to reinforce that sales slogan.

And a PS to my last sentence: Now that the brand new United livery has been unveiled and is "in the skies" (as of last month), I'm hearing that United may be resurrecting that old slogan and might again be advertising for people to "Fly the Friendly Skies." I suppose if they do that, then we can refer to it as the "Retro Slogan" because that's the slogan they were using over 50 years ago. And BTW, I'm glad UA has adopted new paint. Can't wait to snap one of their fleetbirds wearing it.


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