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BOEING 747-100 (PH-BUG) - Melbourne Tullamarine, 1973
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BOEING 747-100 (PH-BUG)


Melbourne Tullamarine, 1973


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Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
My friend and I had just gotten out of an Ansett Bell Jetranger after a ride from the city to Tullamarine and this was being towed. The oddity with this plane was that while you see VIASA on this side, the other side was KLM, therefore the Dutch reg. Unfortunately I couldn't get a pic of the KLM side - they don't let you stand airside for that long.
I would hazard a guess that was likely the first and last time the Viasa livery touched down anywhere in Oz...
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
If you're right Chris then I was damn lucky. Cheers.
Gary Schenauer
Wonderful capture!! I always appreciate getting an opportunity to glimpse a photo showing a rare sighting. TYVM for this post, Gavin. I've got two pics from back in the 60s that are fairly "rare." One is a click of a CV990 Coronado ... in Northeast Airlines paint ... at KBOS. Northeast had leased it from American. There are only a few photos of it in NE garb on the web, and one of those few is mine (I had sent it to a guy to use on his site devoted to NE). It was the only 990 in Northeast's stable. Thanx again for sharing this. *****+
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Yeah Gary, those rare birds and lucky moments. Thanks for compliment.
Tom Vance
5 starts Gavin, wow 1973 and a great close up. One of the 747s I never saw
WOW times 10. Epic photo. Well done.
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Tom and John, thank you guys. Rare plane, rare moment.
Darryl Sarno
Another great historical photo! Well done!
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