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Douglas DC-6 (OE-LDM)


Red Bull DC6, Hangar 7


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Jim Quinn
Wow! Beautiful shot! Monochrome photos are my favorites, and this one is just fascinating with the reflections, curves, angles, straight lines....
Dave Sheehy
Round motor art at a high level, well done! 5*
HEV150Photo Uploader
@Jim Quinn - Thank you :-)))
HEV150Photo Uploader
@dave Sheehy - Thank you :-)))
Eberhard Hoberg
A rumor says this DC-6 was the plane of former yugoslavian president Tito. I had the chance to see that plane in the Salzburg hangar 7 and was very much impressed how tall that plane is.
robert kennington
Do I remember it correctly from the late, old-time-pilot, Robert Combs, that the difference between the DC-6 and DC-7 was the turbocharged engines—and the exhaust pipe flames that identified them at night?
Tim Segulin
Couldn't take my eye off the the contrast, the texture and the separation in depth of this beautiful black and white pic among all the other icons. It demands to be seen.

I'd consider "borrowing" it for wallpaper, but I'd spend so much time studying rivets and reflections my productivity would plunge!
One of the best photos I've seen on the site. Choice of monochrome was brilliant!
Classic photo! Super!!
Charles OBrien
Outstanding shot! Five star all the way!
Christos Psarras
Awesome picture of an awesome propliner!!
Don Whyte
And I thought the chrome on a '57 Buick was extreme
Bart Steger
That's a great shot. 5*
Kerry Ahearn
Nicely muted color palate. Very nice composition. Aviation art! 5+
marylou anderson
What color do you call this monochrome photo?

It is beautiful!
David Seider
What an absolutely stunning pic!
Up close and personal with a tastefully cowled Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp and its respective Hamilton Standard constant-speed prop.
Eberhard Hoberg - Yes, the rumors that you've heard are true. This bird was once the private aircraft of Josip Broz Tito.
Robert Kennington - You are on the right track, as far as the differences between the DC-6 and DC-7... the 7 had higher empty and max t.o. weights, and Wright R-3350s instead of the P&W R-2800s. The Wrights added a total of 3,000 HP. The 7 also had a considerably greater range.
David Seider
Marylou Anderson - I believe that this could be considered a "sepia-tone". The sepia-tone was once an actual photographic process, but the effect is now achieved electronically.
Phil Preston
You knocked it out of the park! Good eye!
HEV150Photo Uploader
Thank you very much all :-)))
HEV150Photo Uploader
You can acchieve this sepia tone when you convert the color image to black and white and add a light orange filter over the b/w picture.
Marston Davis
Sort of takes your breath away.
HEV150Photo Uploader
jobeard - indeed, the positive reaction is overwhelming. Thank you all for your great comments. :)
terry kelsey
Magnetic! Truly AvArt at it's best
Matthew Takamine
I've look at these photos every week...for years...this might be the best of all time, IMHO.
HEV150Photo Uploader
@Matthew Takamine
thank you very much :))
Robert Ferguson
It is a great photo but it is not a DC-6. The exhaust is wrong. Maybe it's Red Bull's B-25.
jim gevay
Robert Ferguson is correct, it's the Red Bull B-25.

This is clearly a high wing aircraft with the nacelles under the wing, not like the DC-6. The DC-6 has a different exhaust, different prop blades and with large spinners.
A very nice photo though.

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