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Lockheed EC-121 Constellation (VH-EAG)


Connie at Wings Over Illawarra on the weekend.


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Ron Bird
Road in one in 1966 to Lajes Field, Azores.
Ron Bird
That's "Rode" (dumb auto correct)
Hugh Somsen
Beautiful. Again, thank you Howard Hughes.
FAA now says anyone over 60 cannot be Pilot In Command on any Constellation ... they figure that he is too old to handle three pieces of tail at once!

Sorry ... couldn't resist!
Pretty sure, as an Army Brat spreading his wings and just graduated Berlin American High School, flew in one from Frankfurt to Shannon to Goose Bay to LaGuardia in the summer of 1957. Think it was MATS?? sat next to young Army couple who were white knuckles over the Atlantic when we had some kind of issue with fuel tank transfer and we lost a few thousand feet. Humming all the way. What an experience.
Arthur Moss
Looks like a L-109 Super G to me. Last seen at the 2003 100th Anniversary Dayton Ohio Airshow.
This is a Lockheed C-121C built as MSN 1049F-4176 and delivered to the United States Air Force MATS in 1955 with AF s/n 54-157.

She flew with MATS, the MS ANG, the WV ANG, and the PA ANG until being retired in 1977.

She was subsequently flown to Davis Monthan AFB and later restored for its trans Pacific flight to Australia with the current civil VH-EAG registration.

The wing tip tanks are not original to this aircraft in U.S.A.F. service but were added during its restoration.

More history here... http://www.conniesurvivors.com/VH-EAG.htm

And check out Mr. Joe Baugher's information on his website... http://www.joebaugher.com/usaf_serials/1954.html
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