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Dassault Falcon 900 (LX-EMO)



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Lewis Tripp
Pretty aircraft. Like 727, love the three holers.
Dwight Hartje
Excellent shot! Seen in Daily Newsletter!
Wayne Arnold
The outfit I'm with now has a 900 falcon, that 3 engine configuration work's like a charm it has excellent safety on long over water trip's -and believe it or not it has a good short field take off -and better yet short field landing capabilities, with 3 Honeywell turbo fans with 5000 lbs of thrust each (@SL) and big Fowler flaps and leading edge slats it's a big plane that can operate like a medium size, and you know the inside's have no limit-from the instrument's and avionics to the "Gally" and cabin, I would love to own one
didairbusPhoto Uploader
Kurt Anderson
Nice shot but why does it deserve a 5.0 vote when compared to some of the other photos here?
Gary Schenauer
Lewis, I, too, love the tris. There is Dassault maintenance facility here at RNO so we get lots of DF tribirds frequently. I really enjoy seeing (and snapping) them.

Kurt, if you get a free moment and are curious for an answer to your question, email me at OldeCarl@gmail.com . (Thumbs Up)

Excellent snap here, didairbus. Bravos to you for this click as well as many others of yours.


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