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Piper Tomahawk (N53BS)
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Piper Tomahawk (N53BS)



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Paul Wisgerhof
It is helpful when photographers identify the aircraft they are shooting. This is a Piper PA38-112 "Tomahawk."
Diana Rose
Thank you !!
Michael Haines
Yep. Or a 'Traumahawk" for those of us who have flown them.
Tom Keliher
Great photo! And very cool livery on this Tomahawk.
Arnold Hauswald
Can do no harm with USAAC blue/yellow
Doug Lewis
No Traumahawk here. Was about as docile as a plane can be! Lots of hours in them, but most in C-172, Warrior, and Arrow.
J Sandusky
My instructor told me if I could fly this little "beast", I could fly anything. Well, I ended up liking the beast....
Charles Rogers
Flew one of these after getting my rating. Heard that you were a test pilot after 3 turns in a spin. Fun and stable little platform though.
Nat Sam
Is this a training plane or a stunt plane (or neither?) Beautiful shot! Where is this taken?
jesse kyzer
1979 PIPER PA-38-112
(WE ALL KNOW Bravo Sierra)
Jeff Davis
Back in '79 at KSQL, I started my Private training in one of 5 new Tomahawks the local Piper dealer had proudly purchased. They spent so much time down with initial mechanical teething problems and AD's on the nose gear steering, that I couldn't fly for weeks at a time. It added review hours to my training when they'd came back on line, further emptying my thin wallet... I gave up on them and shifted to a Warrior II to get finished. NOT a fond memory of this airplane! At least this one has style!
George Dabreu
Stop acknowledging these photos without identities. It will force the photographers to put their identities and where taken if they actually did take them.
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01-06-2021 C150Cerca de Glencoe, MNCrystal () First seen 08:37AM CDT 11:05AM CDT 2:28
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