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Cessna Caravan (VH-HAM)



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Mark See
Very nice shot Trey! 5*s
I'm sure that this is a stupid question, but is he just lifting off, or just about to set down.
Thanks for putting up with a non-pilot stupid question.
Mark See
It's not really a stupid question as sometimes it can be hard to tell. Usually the giveaway is the flap setting. In this case it looks to be around 10 degrees which would be a takeoff setting. Another clue but can't always be trusted is the prop blur. During takeoff the engines are spinning a lot faster than during landing, so if this plane was landing then it wouldn't appear this blurred. However it also depends a lot on the shutter speed used to take the photo. Even an idle prop can look really blurred with a very low shutter speed, so that's why it can be used to help determine but can't be always trusted. Hope this helps :)
Either way, this is a remarkable picture just at the moment of lift-of (main gear just leaving the ground) or touch-down (main gear just about to touch down and spin up) and rates 5 stars either way.
Trey PearsonPhoto Uploader
Its a landing guys and thanks guys!! :)
Mark See
My point exactly... it can be hard to tell lol. I completely got that one wrong but the flap setting does seem a little low for landing, was it a windy day by any chance?
Trey PearsonPhoto Uploader
ha yes and na not really, the skydive pilots are bit crazy with there landings haha
Mark See
Thanks for the info. I see on your profile that you are a student pilot. I'm not sure what you fly and how much wind you have encountered so far but usually in Cessnas in higher winds a pilot will use less flaps for landing which is why I was asking about the wind. Thank you for the ifo, it's greatly appreciated :)
Mark See
Sorry, it's supposed to say info not ifo
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Fecha Aeronave Origen Destino Salida Llegada Duración
27-01-2020 C208Moorabbin ()Moorabbin () 05:14PM AEDT 05:34PM AEDT 0:20
27-01-2020 UnknownMoorabbin ()Moorabbin () 04:10PM AEDT 04:34PM AEDT 0:23
27-01-2020 C208Moorabbin ()Moorabbin () 03:06PM AEDT 03:26PM AEDT 0:19
27-01-2020 UnknownMoorabbin ()Moorabbin () 02:04PM AEDT 02:26PM AEDT 0:21
27-01-2020 C208Moorabbin ()Moorabbin () 01:00PM AEDT 01:18PM AEDT 0:18
27-01-2020 UnknownMoorabbin ()Moorabbin () 11:51AM AEDT 12:14PM AEDT 0:22
27-01-2020 C208Moorabbin ()Moorabbin () 10:50AM AEDT 11:10AM AEDT 0:19
27-01-2020 UnknownMoorabbin ()Moorabbin () 09:41AM AEDT 10:02AM AEDT 0:20
27-01-2020 C208Moorabbin ()Moorabbin () 08:36AM AEDT 08:57AM AEDT 0:20
26-01-2020 UnknownMoorabbin ()Moorabbin () 04:39PM AEDT 04:56PM AEDT 0:17
26-01-2020 C208Moorabbin ()Moorabbin () 04:09PM AEDT 04:30PM AEDT 0:21
26-01-2020 UnknownMoorabbin ()Moorabbin () 03:24PM AEDT 03:46PM AEDT 0:21
26-01-2020 UnknownMoorabbin ()Moorabbin () 02:20PM AEDT 02:38PM AEDT 0:18
26-01-2020 C208Moorabbin ()Moorabbin () 01:47PM AEDT 02:05PM AEDT 0:17
26-01-2020 C208Moorabbin ()Moorabbin () 01:16PM AEDT 01:37PM AEDT 0:21
26-01-2020 UnknownCerca de Moorabbin, VictoriaMoorabbin () 10:52AM AEDT 11:11AM AEDT 0:18
26-01-2020 C208Moorabbin ()Moorabbin () 10:19AM AEDT 10:43AM AEDT 0:23
25-01-2020 C208Moorabbin ()Moorabbin () 04:59PM AEDT 05:40PM AEDT (?) 0:41
25-01-2020 UnknownCerca de Moorabbin, VictoriaMoorabbin () 04:32PM AEDT 04:48PM AEDT 0:15
25-01-2020 C208Moorabbin ()Moorabbin () 03:41PM AEDT 03:59PM AEDT 0:18
25-01-2020 UnknownCerca de Moorabbin, VictoriaMoorabbin () 02:52PM AEDT 03:08PM AEDT 0:16
25-01-2020 UnknownCerca de Moorabbin, VictoriaMoorabbin () 02:21PM AEDT 02:40PM AEDT 0:18
25-01-2020 C208Moorabbin ()Moorabbin () 01:52PM AEDT 02:10PM AEDT 0:18
25-01-2020 C208Moorabbin ()Moorabbin () 10:49AM AEDT 11:44AM AEDT 0:55
25-01-2020 C208Moorabbin ()Moorabbin () 09:56AM AEDT 10:16AM AEDT 0:19
25-01-2020 UnknownMoorabbin ()Moorabbin () 09:25AM AEDT 09:50AM AEDT 0:24
25-01-2020 C208Moorabbin ()Moorabbin () 08:48AM AEDT 09:11AM AEDT (?) 0:23
25-01-2020 C208Moorabbin ()Moorabbin () 08:19AM AEDT 08:39AM AEDT 0:19
24-01-2020 C208Moorabbin ()Moorabbin () 07:15PM AEDT 07:56PM AEDT (?) 0:40
24-01-2020 C208Moorabbin ()Moorabbin () 05:58PM AEDT 06:37PM AEDT (?) 0:39
24-01-2020 C208Moorabbin ()Moorabbin () 04:28PM AEDT 04:51PM AEDT 0:23
24-01-2020 UnknownMoorabbin ()Moorabbin () 03:09PM AEDT 03:32PM AEDT 0:22
24-01-2020 C208Moorabbin ()Moorabbin () 01:55PM AEDT 02:17PM AEDT 0:21
24-01-2020 UnknownMoorabbin ()Moorabbin () 12:25PM AEDT 12:48PM AEDT 0:23
24-01-2020 C208Moorabbin ()Moorabbin () 11:12AM AEDT 11:37AM AEDT 0:24
24-01-2020 C208Moorabbin ()Moorabbin () 10:02AM AEDT 10:27AM AEDT 0:24
24-01-2020 C208Moorabbin ()Moorabbin () 08:35AM AEDT 09:02AM AEDT 0:26
21-01-2020 C208Shellharbour Airport ()Moorabbin () 03:55PM AEDT 06:04PM AEDT 2:08
21-01-2020 UnknownShellharbour Airport ()Shellharbour Airport () 02:28PM AEDT 02:30PM AEDT (?) 0:01
21-01-2020 C208Shellharbour Airport ()Shellharbour Airport () 02:14PM AEDT 02:38PM AEDT 0:24
16-01-2020 C208Barwon Heads ()Shellharbour Airport () 04:12PM AEDT 06:26PM AEDT 2:14
14-01-2020 C208Barwon Heads ()Barwon Heads () 12:25PM AEDT 08:43PM AEDT (?) 8:17
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