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Marty Nemes
info please
Consolidated developed the PB4Y-2 Privateer anti-submarine patrol bomber from the B-24 Liberator. <br /><br />P4Y-2 121, N2871G at the Goleta Tanker Station in October 1981.
Alan Brown
Easy to confuse for a B-24 until you look a bit closer. Great shot!
Yes, but the entire Empennage (aka tail section) is massively changed from the Liberator design
Bill Butler
Is it my receiver, or are some of you transmitting in an alien tongue? Reading along fine, then gobblety gook. Anyone else?
Nice.<br />Consolidated (San Diego) made Catalina&apos;s for the USN. 2 days after Pearl Harbor the Navy called to place a large order of Cats. Sorry, we just signed with the Army for 700 Liberators. What we can do is sneak some Libs out of the line and make them Patrol craft.<br /><br />OK, we&apos;ll take &apos;em.<br /><br />Most went to ETO (Nova Scotia/Newfoundland) for ASW. Pacific still needed float planes for vast distances.
4 Pratt &amp; Whitney R-1830 Twin Wasp Radial. 1350 HP.
Bill; that gobblety gook is likely the raw HTML code that crept in a sort time ago
Dennis Bishop
Bill: For some reason the hypertext isn&apos;t translating on apostrophe, quote, and paragraph markers. Read the middle of that gobblety gook!
Gary Schenauer
Bill ... no, you are not alone. (Grin) As Dennis and Jobeard pointed out, certain text characters are not being translated properly. The solution, which most have already figured out, is just not to use the apostrophe and quote marks, and do not enter new paragraphs. Do not type anything as a contraction or as a possessive noun and do not put quote marks. Grammatically incorrect, but easier to read. (Wave and a Thumbs Up)
Bror Monberg
Question:...For someone knowing these things...why is the tail redesigned for the Privateer from the Liberator&apos;s design?
George Gillburg
The Privateer has a single fin because it was developed from the B-24N which was, I believe, the last version of the B-24 to enter production. The N model featured a single fin to fix a perceived weakness in the tail feathers of the production Liberator or so I&apos;m told. If there was a problem with the strength of the tail surfaces, it sure took them a long time to fix it but then there was a war on so maybe its understandable.
robert kennington
The Navy use of Privateer is a term given to the American Revolution practice of giving Letters of Marque to speedy private sailing vessels, allowing the attacking and impounding of enemy ships.
WEBMASTER;<br /><br />if you wrap all user inputs properly, NO html will be seen (if you extract the input field w/o translating it) and will not be executed either for security-- thusly<br /><br />&lt;textarea style=&quot;border-width: 0px;&quot;&gt; All User Data goes here &lt;/textarea&gt;
And then there is the nit-picky details like the oil coolers are Fwd Dorsal and Aft Ventral on each nacelle, rather than on the &quot;cheeks&quot; like the &quot;B&quot; model and later B-24s. (For jobeard&amp;AlanB)
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